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Clear Aligner Therapy in Advanced Cases | 13 CE Credits

Clear Aligner Therapy in Advanced Cases This advanced aligner workshop features education on clear aligners using the Suresmile system to tackle more difficult cases. The workshop will also discuss challenging clinical situations such as ankylosed teeth, attachments on crowns and veneers, dealing with endodontically treated teeth and more. The workshop will also address cases that need to be referred and how best to work with your specialist when a referral is warranted.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Aligner cases that are ideal in the restorative environment
  • To understand the limits of aligners and when to refer to an orthodontist
  • Class 2 challenges with aligner therapy
  • Class 3 challenges with aligner therapy
  • How to deal with cases of ankylosis
  • Addressing attachments on crowns or veneers
  • Moving endodontically treated teeth with aligners
  • Dealing with periodontally involved teeth in aligner therapy
  • Extrusion to create implant sites
  • Optimizing case delivery by 3D printing of sequential models
  • Chairside aligner fabrication (hands-0n)


  • How do I find an orthodontist who will help me and take my referrals
  • When things don’t go well—managing the patient when results don’t meet expectations
  • Unexpected revisions and how to handle
  • Lost aligners and Poor compliance
  • In-person help with CEREC doctors own patients
  • Initial discussions on how to leverage your restorative team to help in the workflow


  • $3,295 Doctors


  • 13 CE Credits


  • Shalin Shah, DMD, MS

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Scottsdale Campus
7201 E Princess Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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Clear Aligner Therapy in Advanced Cases

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