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Unlock your professional potential and thrive in modern dentistry with CDOCS’ four membership levels, offering unparalleled benefits resources, and support to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and achieve unprecedented heights of success.

You will have access to:

A community discussion board for the best and brightest minds in dentistry to share ideas, ask questions, and gain insight to advance dentistry

A comprehensive library of training videos featuring ways to make the most of your technology, techniques, and procedural workflow

An unrivaled network where you can tap into unlimited knowledge, insights, and collaboration opportunities

Member Benefits

Member Benefits
Mentor +
Best Value

Struggling with a particular case? Proud to show off your work? Upload a variety of clinical cases and receive real-time feedback from the CDOCS community and its extensive clinical case knowledge. Great tool to grow your skillset and improve patient care.

Access to a sizable collection of wide-ranging clinical resources, including discussion boards, videos, product reviews, treatment planning assistance and so much more.

An all-inclusive list of constantly updated videos to help you with troubleshooting, software updates, new materials tutorials and ways to maximize your technology.

We’ll send you a personalized certificate each year to celebrate your membership.

Elevate every member of your team with training videos, comprehensive clinical training for assistants covering CEREC, cone beam, endo, ortho and implants. CDOCS access for up to 10 members of your team.

Team Education curriculum to improve the clinical and practice-related skills of your entire team. Delivered online through Spear Online, the courses are designed for both individual training and group meetings.

Powered by our tablet app, the Spear Patient Education platform empowers your patients with videos and supporting content that explain their individual cases in terms they can easily understand with more than 160 animated videos designed by multimedia experts in conjunction with world-renowned Spear faculty.

It's dentistry's most innovative online learning resource. Spear Online provides more than 1,500 lessons and industry-leading dental CE materials proven to refine your clinical techniques and unify your team. Complete dental CE credits at your leisure, following video lessons led by the industry’s top clinicians and educators.

Access to a library of condition overview videos, such as those on hygiene habits and tooth wear, that are ideal to stream in your lobby. Even as they run in the background, these videos are designed to catch the viewer’s attention, so they come to your chair prepared and ask more informed questions about their oral health.

Discounted pricing on in-person CDOCS Workshop at either our Scottsdale, AZ or Charlotte, NC campuses. Available to Fellow ($250 discount), Mentor ($500 discount) and Mentor+ ($750 discount) members.

Collaborate on real-world cases virtually or in person with online learning modules from the industry leader in dental continuing education. Your club will discover how to drive consistently successful case management and shape lasting bonds to complete more interesting and potentially lucrative cases together.

Once per year, you can renew and refresh your clinical knowledge with the ability to audit any workshop you have already completed

Become a CDOCS Innovator and learn new techniques through the unique opportunity to mentor workshops. Share your knowledge and experience and define what it means to be a leader in the CDOCS community.

Admission to dentistry’s must-attend annual event of the year. The 3-day festival features unique education tracks run by best dental minds, thousands of dental professionals to mingle and connect with during networking opportunities, cutting-edge technology and product launches, as well as celebrity guests and entertainment ($1,995 value).

Gather as one CDOCS community, both in-person and virtually, to engage, learn and grow with your fellow members. Enjoy a mix of fun and energetic clinical speakers and networking opportunities with the people that make CDOCS great.

Sign up for our CEREC Foundation for Dental Assistants course and save $500 on your course.

Exclusive access to a special discussion forum dedicated to helping our mentor members network, learn and grow. Receive real-time case assistance in a friendly mentor helping mentor atmosphere.

Enrich your clinical and practice management skills with unlimited access to Spear Virtual Seminars. The new online format provides even more opportunity for engagement with Spear faculty and the same camaraderie of Scottsdale - just from the comfort of your home or office.

Admission to one in-person Spear seminar at no cost annually. These CE-eligible seminars are offered in Scottsdale and other locations across the U.S.After attending one, discounted pricing for any further seminars you attend in a given year.

Get entire team access to 30+ unique live expert instructor-guided online courses annually, helping your practice towards clinical excellence and economic success through weekly interactive courses at no travel cost. Courses are available both live and on-demand, so you and your team can learn on your own schedule.