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Advanced CEREC Software Mastery (CL6) | 13 CE Credits

Prerequisites: Anterior Esthetics with CEREC (CL4) is Required.
Comprehensive Restorative Care with a Digital Workflow (CL5) is Recommended.

Advanced CEREC Software Mastery (CL6) CEREC software has become more advanced and when coupled with additional software versions, it opens a whole realm of possibilities for individual clinicians. This workshop sets the foundation to execute more comprehensive digital workflows using a combination of the CEREC and inLab 20 CAD software.

Attendees will learn how these softwares allow us to maximize control, efficiency and profitability of procedures like never before learning procedures such as digital waxups, splints, 3D printing model software and multi-unit abutments. Course attendees will also understand which procedures can be done exclusively in their office and learn very specific instruction on how to use a digital lab for more complex treatments. The workshop is hands-on, intensive and allows doctors to design, export and instructions on how to mill a multitude of restorations.

All CDOCS hands-on workshops are conducted on Primescans, utilizing the latest CEREC software. Patterson, Henry Schein and Clinical Accelerator vouchers accepted.

This is not an introductory course and is recommended for advanced users.

Staff seating is limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Using inLab Model Module to create solid/hollow models, removable dies and implant models
  • Using inLab Splint Module to design Digital splints that can be 3D printed in-office
  • Understand how to use the inLab software to create digital wax-ups
  • Understand the Connect Case Center Inbox software and how this integrates with the inLab software
  • Understand Multi-Unit Abutments, when to use them, and how to design screw retained bridges with and without gingiva.
  • Learn how to use 1:1 copy to duplicate large restorations, waxups, or removable appliances with one quick step.


  • Introduction to using the ortho software to create simulations for complex cases that may need orthodontics to achieve functional and esthetic goals
  • Learn the Biocopy Merge technique for completely digital anterior wax-up process
  • Learn how to move a case from inLab into the CEREC software to mill
  • Introduction to the Oracheck software to track patient wear and create a virtual patient that can be tracked over time
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  • $3,495 Doctors
  • $1,195 Team Members*


  • 13 CE Credits


  • Meena Barsoum, D.M.D.
  • Mike Skramstad, D.D.S.

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Advanced CEREC Software Mastery (CL6)

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