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Advanced CEREC Software Mastery (CL6) | 13 CE Credits

Prerequisites: Previous level CEREC workshops highly recommended | Where Do I Start?
Advanced CEREC Software Mastery (CL6) CEREC software has become more advanced and when coupled with additional software versions, it opens a whole realm of possibilities for individual clinicians. This workshop sets the foundation to execute more comprehensive digital workflows using a combination of the CEREC and inLab 19 CAD software. Attendees will learn how these softwares allow us to maximize control, efficiency and profitability of procedures such as dentures, and wax-ups like never before. Course attendees will also understand which procedures can be done exclusively in their office and learn very specific instruction on how to use a digital lab for more complex treatments. The workshop is hands-on, intensive and allows doctors to design, export and mill a multitude of restorations. All hands-on workshops are conducted on Primescans, utilizing the latest CEREC software. Patterson and Henry Schein Dental training vouchers accepted

Participants Will Learn:

  • Digital Denture workflow for all clinical scenarios including: existing denture patients, immediate denture patients and implant locator patients
  • Using inLab Model Module to create solid models, removable dies and implant models
  • Using inLab Splint Module to design Digital splints that can be 3D printed in-office
  • Understand how to use the inLab software to create digital wax-ups
  • Understand the Connect Case Center Inbox software and how this integrates with inLab and Exocad software


  • Introduction to the Exocad Smile Creator software
  • Learn the Biocopy Merge technique for completely digital anterior wax-up process
  • Learn how to move a case from inLab or Exocad into the CEREC software to mill


  • $3,295 Doctors
  • $995 Team Members*


  • 13 CE Credits


  • Meena Barsoum, D.M.D.
  • Mike Skramstad, D.D.S.

2021 Dates


CDOCS Campus, Scottsdale, AZ
7201 E Princess Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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Advanced CEREC Software Mastery (CL6)

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