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Fundamentals of Guided Implant Surgery with Cone Beam (CI1) | 13 CE Credits

Fundamentals of Guided Implant Surgery with Cone Beam (CI1) This course will give you the experience to utilize the Dentsply Sirona Cone Beam CT (Galileos or XG3D) for surgical planning of implants and will help you to understand the fundamentals of guided implant surgery. Intended for clinicians who are interested in, new to, or moderately experienced with implant therapy. This two-day lecture and hands on workshop will take you from A to Z in all aspects of guided-implant planning using cone beam and the CEREC integration, as well as provide a complete understanding of all the different guided systems that are available to work with the CEREC and cone beam integration protocol. In addition to teaching the foundation for treatment planning for implant therapy using the CEREC and cone beam data, participants will learn the basics of implant placement using the guided protocol, and the advantages and disadvantages of each surgical system as well as experience in placing implants in models. In the workshop participants will learn placement techniques for simple implant cases and learn tips and techniques that result in optimal integration of the implants within the bone.

Participants Will Learn:

  • The fundamentals of CEREC and Galileos integration
  • The basics of dental implant treatment planning, including the advantages of prosthetically driven treatment planning
  • The basics of guided surgery over current freehand techniques
  • The fundamentals, differences, indications, and step-by-step directions for the various surgical guide options available within the CEREC-Galileos integration workflow
  • To import prosthetic proposals designed in CEREC into Galileos Implant Software to be used for implant planning
  • To digitally treatment plan simple to complex dental implant cases
  • To plan, design, and fabricate a chairside surgical guide with the CEREC Guide 2 solution
  • To understand the placement of implants in models
  • To appreciate the armamentarium needed to place dental implants with a guided technique
  • Hands on experience placing implants in models
  • Guided surgery tips and tricks to ensure a predictable implementation
  • The steps involved from start to finish in planning, placing and restoring an implant using the guided protocol and CEREC


  • $3,295 Doctors


  • 13 CE Credits


  • Farhad Boltchi, D.M.D., M.S.

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Scottsdale Campus
7201 E Princess Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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Fundamentals of Guided Implant Surgery with Cone Beam (CI1)

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