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We all know they're tough...even when they're "easy." This one had a pretty dark stump which added to the challenge. I felt I was really close on the shade match until I chose to go to an opaque resin cement, which then intensified the stain coloration on the surface. Live and learn!



Great work on a tough case. Those are frustrating when you take off those crowns never know what you are going to run into. Like the staining at the cervical.


Your work is always Top Notch and I stand in awe at all of you who tackle these cases with such great results.  Nicely done!

Looks fantastic.  Which block did you use?


Nice job Ross... ALWAYS so nicely documented and presented..


Very nice!!

Great work per usual Ross. Curious if you used 4.5 for shade match...

@Carmela - the block was B1 MT emax.

​@Petar - No 4.5...just shade matching with 20/20.

@Ross:  I'm loving the MT blocks as well.  If you are doing a 3 unit anterior bridge with eMax (only available in LT for B32 block), what blocks would you use for adjacent single crowns?? emax HT? Or could you use Vita next to a 3 unit LT emax bridge??

Thank you!!