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Implant ScanBody would not seat
By: Islam Dehis 7 Replies
Material of choice for long span bridge....
By: Paul Anderson 17 Replies
High Spot Troubles
By: Tanner Brown 5 Replies
Cosmetic Wax up Overlay helps get a quick idea of reduction needs
By: Shivi Gupta 1 Reply
How to Scan Patient for Hard Night Guard and send to lab for fabrication
By: John Myers 11 Replies
Biocopy - slight issue
By: Akira Nakada 12 Replies
Which implant width would you choose?
By: Michael Lovda Jr. 5 Replies
Wisdom teeth extraction courses
By: JF Levesque 20 Replies
Program shuts down when opening case, not generating crowns
By: Blythe Robbins 10 Replies
Help- Weird Glitch with InLab and importing stl's
By: Bernie Dudzinski 8 Replies
Veneer margins not showing up in model software
By: Chris Campbell 1 Reply
Just lost a patient
By: Gary Templeman 7 Replies
Prime Print question regarding build plate
By: Stephen Young 2 Replies
Is anybody else having issues with printed nightguards breaking or cracking.
By: Travis Hammons 11 Replies
D2 giving me an ice cream headache
By: Sean Rayment 5 Replies
Katana One block error, help.
By: Ryan Sill 2 Replies
Cracked Tessera Crown after firing
By: Edward Chappelle Jr 8 Replies
Posterior Implant Bridge
By: Brad Woods 7 Replies
Prime Print STL import
By: Chris Tricinella 7 Replies
Another Single Central; 18 mos, 2 Crown Lengthenings, & Patience!
By: Carmela LaFalce 6 Replies
Thoughts on cantilevering 1st bicuspid off a 2nd bicuspid implant
By: Thomas Kauffman 10 Replies
Primetaper Implants
By: Jason Ford 7 Replies
Atlantis Workflow Part 2. Choosing Atlantis as Lab and Linking to Sirona Connect
By: Meaghan Morrell-Huot 1 Reply
Dr. Isaacson
By: Steven Isaacson 10 Replies
Can't remove healing abutment
By: JF Levesque 30 Replies
speedfire not storing jobs?
By: Noah Ariola-Tirella 6 Replies
How to delete cases on Speed Fire
By: Cecil Sandoval 2 Replies
Sticker Shock
By: Charles Lo Giudice 19 Replies
trouble with labs getting files
By: Sarah Katz 3 Replies
Hiring Associate DDS
By: John Daw 1 Reply
Esthetic Prosthetic Planning Case
By: Steffen Lassen 4 Replies
Week 4 - WT40
By: Matthew Chesler 5 Replies
Best Method for Transitional Additive only bonding prior to full Reconstruction
By: James Maholick 2 Replies
Week 1 - WT40
By: Matthew Chesler 2 Replies
Option for 2nd molar site for Astra implant placement
By: Ashish Kakadia 6 Replies
Broken screw
By: Tyson Roe 9 Replies
OCCLUSION OFF (after software update)
By: Mouhannad Almajdalani 8 Replies
Week 2 - WT40
By: Matthew Chesler 1 Reply
Case Review - Week 5 - WT40
By: Matthew Chesler 1 Reply
procreate video
By: Amber Taffer 1 Reply
Patient in chair - Implant restoration
By: Christopher Kollath 2 Replies
22. Primeprint Temp Workflow
By: Collin Petoskey 7 Replies
Speedfire system check failed
By: Andrea Corsun 3 Replies
suresmile shalin shah
By: Paolo Bellanti 3 Replies
By: Paul Kruth 7 Replies
crown margin is short of the abutment
By: Todd Briscoe 5 Replies
Enamel Hypoplasia Options
By: Gary Templeman
does anyone know anything about the "printed definitive crowns" being advertised by sprintray?
By: Spencer Hoyt 22 Replies