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I got a false negative review
By: John Sherman 16 Replies
Joking with Patients
By: Andres Gamboa 29 Replies
PRIMESCAN freezing
By: Robert Csillag 8 Replies
Sirona 3D printer
By: Louis Siegelman 4 Replies
Oracheck and Ortho Software Installs?
By: Paul Anderson
third party insurance verification
By: Aaron Tinkle 2 Replies
Primescan camera not found
By: Kenneth Magid 9 Replies
zirconia allergy?
By: Greg Zlock 1 Reply
Any replacement for Speed Glaze?
By: Chiku Verma 2 Replies
Alternate Method to deliver MTA
By: Diwakar Kinra
Difficult split implant crown design 11
By: Chris Poe 4 Replies
Should I upgrade Omnicam or trade for Primescan
By: Harold Howell 16 Replies
Straumann scan body verify seating
By: Patrick Oconnor 2 Replies
Glaze under margins
By: Dennis Fasbinder (Scientific Advisor) 4 Replies
How accurate is biocopy?
By: Dan Butterman 1 Reply
Why you shouldn't use the Peruvian Flake...the YeYo...the Vaquita
By: Steven Hernandez 2 Replies
Tessera and paint-on glaze
By: Dennis Fasbinder (Scientific Advisor) 2 Replies
Implant case 12 & 13
By: Dimitris Zourdos 4 Replies
PrimeMill vacuum error
By: Rodney Alejandro 3 Replies
Need A Referral for a Patient
By: Scott Barrix 3 Replies
A new v 5.2 bug
By: Charles Lo Giudice 3 Replies
Katana Screw Retained Implant Crown
By: William Strauss 3 Replies
Simple Staged Grafting Case
By: Doug Smail 10 Replies
Known glitches of 5.2.?
By: Armin Giessmann 4 Replies
Implant crown not seating completely on custom abutment
By: Salman Khanani 9 Replies
Primescan won't boot up
By: Orest Bauer 8 Replies
Official CEREC 5.2 thread
By: Mike Skramstad 64 Replies
Bioactive Materials
By: Dennis Fasbinder (Scientific Advisor) 3 Replies
Oracheck License
By: Edward Laco
Primescan sleeve replacement
By: Dave Rossen 10 Replies
How many think #31 will need an endo?
By: Peter Eliopoulos 15 Replies
Can you spot what is out of place?
By: David Honey 13 Replies
CEREC Zirconia+
By: Jonathan Cardon 15 Replies
Scanning a scanpost
By: Patrick Oconnor 1 Reply
Who would have known about CC 5.2?
By: Alan Fujimoto 8 Replies
CEREC updates pet peeve
By: Gary Templeman 11 Replies
Which scan post to use
By: Tom Pizzolo 2 Replies
By: Timothy Muscaro
Can't mill temps in fast mode
By: John Poston 2 Replies
Finished socket shield implant #7
By: Enrique Tuesta 2 Replies
Global Positioning Tool in 5.2 Missing?
By: Grant Olson 7 Replies
5.2 working great, but
By: Robert Miller 5 Replies
Treatment planning- HELP
By: Loren Robinson 2 Replies
Referral in Hollywood, FL
By: Dmitry Merzon 4 Replies
Placement of MTA
By: Diwakar Kinra 1 Reply
programat CS6
By: Murtuza Shah-Khan 6 Replies
C Drive Full After Installing SW 5.2
By: Ricky Tin 1 Reply
Gates Glidden Drills cause fractures.
By: Diwakar Kinra 22 Replies
CBCT scan to disc
By: Harold Howell 6 Replies
Phone service suggestions - Weave?
By: Rich Crosby 7 Replies