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Hypochlorous acid vape and electronics
By: John Daw 76 Replies
Omnican 5.1 Double Buccal Bite
By: Tom Gutberg 2 Replies
Does this patient feedback have any significance?
By: Charles Lo Giudice 1 Reply
So I like the idea of Atlantis but....
By: Benjamin Nagel 6 Replies
Options to cure 3 D printed models
By: Rohini Singh 7 Replies
43% of COVID-19 deaths in USA have occurred among 0.6% of the population
By: Ronald Jarvis 31 Replies
Good luck with hybrid crowns?
By: Chad Gardner 2 Replies
Question for everyone open with new super PPE protocols
By: John Daw 9 Replies
Primemill bur life and super fast mode
By: John Pasicznyk 6 Replies
unable to load cmg.dxd files from sidexis implant software into inlab19
By: Fred Puccio 1 Reply
Definitive Primescan vs. Omnicam Discussion Thread
By: Meena Barsoum 60 Replies
By: Paul Kruth 5 Replies
I am extremely frustrated with the Sure Smile Software right now
By: Charles Lo Giudice 2 Replies
Camlog/Conelog guided surgery with Cerec guide 2
By: Juergen Langenbach 32 Replies
#6-#8 implant bridge poor proposal
By: adam dorsett
Who is charging for PPE?
By: Peter Eliopoulos 23 Replies
Lateral incisor
By: Tyson Roe 10 Replies
Need to build RPD abutment crown where clasp morphology on tooth is lost.
By: C. Mark Fort 4 Replies
ADA letter re PPP bill
By: Jim Stein 4 Replies
By: Rohini Singh 31 Replies
Planning Astra EV tech implant using BSB
By: Nolan Bodah 1 Reply
Happy 43rd U of I graduation anniversary to us.
By: Dave Rossen 13 Replies
Website Feedback Focus Group
By: Sameer Puri 13 Replies
CEREC® Guide 2 and 3 Workflow
By: Jon Smith 3 Replies
Can I make 2 designs
By: Marisa Patt 1 Reply
exporting an stl of the bite in chairside software
By: Andrew Agnini 2 Replies
in case you missed it PPP INFO
By: Dave Rossen 15 Replies
Need a dentist in Ogden UT
By: Aaron Erickson 1 Reply
Primescan Battery Issues
By: Richard "Ben" Alvarez 5 Replies
Keyless guided surgery options
By: Richard "Ben" Alvarez 10 Replies
"Best Card " credit card processing
By: Jay Wooster 6 Replies
Katana crowns (patient in chair)
By: Dalia Al-Azzawi 5 Replies
Is a bluecam still a viable option to get into cerec?
By: S. Michael Roussel 11 Replies
Pre-rinse useless?
By: David Sorensen 16 Replies
patients moving to Lenore City ( near Knoxville) Tenn
By: Fred Puccio
Implant design on 5.1.1
By: Martin Fernunson 1 Reply
Louisiana recommendation
By: Michele Botti 5 Replies
A lab for Keysplint soft?
By: Douglas Larson
HUB & Design Station for CEREC/CBCT Integration
By: Dee Dee Meevasin 22 Replies
primescan replacement cable
By: David Shapiro 5 Replies
Immediate provisional #7
By: Nicholas Berns 6 Replies
implant bridge 7-10
By: Matthew Clary 12 Replies
implant restore #9
By: Andrew Nothem 2 Replies
Restoring implant bridge #7-10
By: Nolan Bodah 4 Replies
Suresmile Trim Type and Height Preferences
By: Michael Sycamore 3 Replies
Patient in the chair. Quick question about oven
By: Ryan Pitman 2 Replies
Primescan Implant Contacts
By: Katie Butterfield 5 Replies
3D printer question regarding models...looking for neat and tidy
By: Jeff Johnson 8 Replies