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U Can't Touch This
By: Jim Stein 1 Reply
My new profession with all this time!
By: Shawn Sharp 2 Replies
Addressing the Failing Implant Webinar
By: Farhad Boltchi 11 Replies
Urgent OR Case, and where we're at now clinically
By: Doug Smail 4 Replies
Isolite for aerosol reduction
By: Kwan Um 17 Replies
All teeth are very sensitive to Air & Cold tap Water
By: Cecil Sandoval 2 Replies
Overview of the SureSmile 7.6 Software
By: Derrik Johnson 4 Replies
I'm staying home
By: Mike McKinley 51 Replies
Some feedback on hollow printing models as presented in the last webinar
By: Charles Lo Giudice
PPP Lender watch
By: Fred Giombolini 62 Replies
By: Dave Rossen 22 Replies
More CARES and SBA Information
By: Mark Fleming 45 Replies
Santa Clara County Revised Mandate for Dentistry!
By: Todd Adams 5 Replies
"increase Case Acceptance with 2.0 and 3D Printing
By: Charles Lo Giudice 2 Replies
Why no CE?
By: Jeffrey Joiner 1 Reply
An In-depth Review of CEREC® Parameters Webinar
By: Dan Butterman 3 Replies
Possible short term help for lack of n95 masks
By: Dennis Dobrin 3 Replies
My journey w Covid 19 diagnosis
By: Trey White 10 Replies
When will the recording for Meena's "Increase Case Acceptance......" be Posted?
By: Charles Lo Giudice 2 Replies
Economic Framework to Make Effective Decisions - Including a Discussion on the Stimulus Package
By: Mark Fleming 4 Replies
Is there a Ti-base for this
By: Tyler Robb 1 Reply
SICAT 2.0 – Software Update Overview
By: Mark Fleming 7 Replies
How do multiple staff members get CE credit on Webinars
By: Adam Polivy 1 Reply
11. CEREC Primescan Edentulous Ridge and Denture Applications
By: Steve Sutherland
Face Shields That Work With Loupes
By: David Shapiro 4 Replies
CPAP filters
By: Gary Templeman 3 Replies
Activating your disability insurance
By: Michael Armijo
N95 Mask vs. Level 3 Mask
By: Diwakar Kinra 14 Replies
New associate with no CEREC training.
By: Kari Haganman 7 Replies
By: Daniel Wilson 14 Replies
Endo Case
By: Rohini Singh 2 Replies
Policies and procedures manual
By: David Sorensen 4 Replies
Full Mouth Friday
By: Jake Skowronski 2 Replies
Post Covid Office Apparel
By: Paul Goodman 13 Replies
3D printing masks
By: Sabrina Hinkle 27 Replies
Reusable backup mask
By: Doug Smail 9 Replies
Atlantis abutment and cdocs pricing
By: David Stangl 3 Replies
new form PPL
By: Dave Rossen 1 Reply
Sending Cerec Guide 3 to Labs who can only print Cerec Guide 2's? Astra Implants
By: Jonathan Ford 4 Replies
Vita Temp
By: Joseph Snyder 10 Replies
Selecting A CBCT System For Your Practice - What You Need To Know
By: Mark Fleming 4 Replies
Flatten the Restoration Replacement Cycle by using an Onlay
By: Jake Skowronski 7 Replies
By: Terry Cowgill 1 Reply
Some smart people are writing their COVID-19 theories...if you care to read them, here they are
By: Ernie Johnson 21 Replies
Using Long-Term Resorbable Barriers in Regenerative Implant Dentistry
By: Mark Fleming
COVID-19 Medication info
By: Jim Stein 1 Reply
Full Arch Implant Restorations With A Digital Workflow
By: Mark Fleming 3 Replies
SureSmile Aligners: Intro to Aligners and Case Selection
By: Mark Fleming 1 Reply
By: Louis Siegelman 8 Replies
Shade analysis
By: Alexandre Gagné 2 Replies