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Surfing Can Be Dangerous
By: Meena Barsoum 6 Replies
#4 external root resorption
By: Jadilyn Grittner 17 Replies
#22, 27 nonguided implant placement for Mn overdenture
By: Jadilyn Grittner 5 Replies
#5 implant site
By: Jadilyn Grittner 1 Reply
Digital Denture Impression Intro
By: Joshua Prather
Digital Denture impressions without a wax rim!
By: Joshua Prather 1 Reply
#19, #30 implant placement in resorbed ridge
By: Jadilyn Grittner 1 Reply
Digital Planning of #19 using InLab and Sicat
By: Nicholas Garcia 2 Replies
Digital Workflow for Efficient and Profitable Treatment
By: Robert Lang 14 Replies
Dry cycle after the CEREC Tessera
By: Mayank Kakkar
neodent ti-base
By: Oriana Haddad 13 Replies
What would you change on my splint design?
By: Brian Rich 5 Replies
Terminal Dentition Treatment plan - please give me your thoughts.
By: Thomas Kauffman 3 Replies
By: Thomas Kauffman
CEREC and Atlantis: Rise of the Canines
By: Anthony Ponzio 8 Replies
Stain and Glaze used for Katana
By: Chad Ohnmacht 6 Replies
Bulky Bridge Sprue
By: Brian Rich 6 Replies
Radiographic diagnostic challenge
By: Don Tyndall 7 Replies
By: Sathvik Seshadri 11 Replies
Bad ACL Surgery Outcome
By: Michael Mingle 9 Replies
Katana Milling......WTF
By: Steven Ozer 6 Replies
Just got my Lucitone for PrimePrint, what about the teeth?
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S. 4 Replies
Restore Teeth to Natural State
By: Steve Adams 2 Replies
Fully Guided 4 Lower Implant Workflow Using InLab and Primeprint
By: Nicholas Garcia 14 Replies
Tru Abutments in use
By: Steve Adams 3 Replies
Primescan in patient education, co-discovery, and treatment planning.
By: Askold Wynnykiw 20 Replies
By: Paul Kruth 9 Replies
3D printer to the rescue
By: Mike Skramstad 25 Replies
using a cerec scan to optimize direct composite closing of space between teeth
By: Rich Rosenblatt 4 Replies
upper Suresmile tray
By: John Lopez 2 Replies
Post Op Instructions and need for Medical consults and follow up
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S. 6 Replies
quick way to use our jpegs from our patient scans for suresmile images
By: Rich Rosenblatt 8 Replies
#8 Veneer #9 Implant Crown - Same Day Treatment on the Fly
By: Dave Frank 1 Reply
Revisit of Root Amputation
By: Steve Adams 6 Replies
Asymptomatic 17 yo male with unusual findings on panoramic and cephalometric radiographs
By: Don Tyndall 17 Replies
Case showing a Hybrid Tissue Punch Technique
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S. 3 Replies
Be careful not to jump ahead!
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S. 1 Reply
#8 and 9 Emax after Level 4 in Charlotte
By: Nicholas Garcia 4 Replies
Due Diligence with Outside Full Arch Planning - Be careful!!
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S.
Ghost Implant Planning for Implant Bridges
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S. 1 Reply
implant esthetic failure
By: Greg Moses 3 Replies
Chairside Printers changing the All on x workflows
By: Frankie Acosta 8 Replies
Implant Workflow in upper arch
By: Mark Gray 1 Reply
virtual waxup and virtual seating doesn’t print seated
By: Angela Ellis
Implant case using dentsplysirona digital workflow
By: Fred Puccio 5 Replies
Sometimes it's good to be wrong!
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S.
How much time are we investing? - bench top exercise to compare materials
By: Andrew Hall 5 Replies
Cerec Troubleshooting with Design
By: Alberto Taylor 5 Replies
4 Anteriors = Sweet Spot
By: Carmela LaFalce 12 Replies
Case Review - When in doubt, take the CBCT!
By: Doug Smail, D.D.S.