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All-Digital Rehab

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There have been several recent threads asking about the feasibility of model-free, all-digital rehab using Cerec. While there is definitely some work involved to make this process a reality, we now have all the necessary software tools to make it happen: Cerec ortho, smile design, and a virtual articulator. Yes, these tools need to be improved upon and evolved, but the days of physical models, facebows, articulators, and wax-ups are numbered. I present the following case with the goals of outlining the steps in the process and demonstrating the advantages of a purely digital FMR process. The minor details will be further explained in the forthcoming Q3 Cdocs Magazine and at DS World. See you all there!

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Amazing work Ross!  Love the great documentation!  Can't wait to see the article too.

Gotta love this guy's mustache!!!


Awesome. I love your temps, wish I could do them. You showed me the block, but I'd need more to be sure. 


The stash is amazing too at first I thought you photo shopped it. 

Great case Ross!  Thank you for posting.

Excellent Ross!  It's almost unfair for the moustache to distract from your excellent work....


Totally awesome!

Why does it look like the temps have articulating paper marks while still in the block?

On 7/31/2017 at 11:40 am, Alex Botvinnik said... Totally awesome!

Why does it look like the temps have articulating paper marks while still in the block?

Yup, great work and documentation.

@ Alex:  The darker areas are so thin that the material can't block out the black background in the picture.  The VDO didn't change very much on that tooth/teeth.

Thanks for connecting me with this Ross, beautiful work!

Really, really cool stuff and probably the best 'After' picture I've seen. That moustache is amazing.....

Here are a couple more slides of the process...