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The mantra goes "pink esthetics before white esthetics" and I thoroughly agree. What our scalpel-wielding friends can achieve for our patients is truly remarkable. Here's an anterior restorative case with combination clinical/esthetic crown lengthening that simply would not have been possible without perio surgery:

Amazing result! without the pre op picture it's impossible to see what teeth are crowns, great work!


Very nice Ross...


For such an amazing case, you haven't gotten any attention Ross!  I'll try to give you some love!  

So let's talk about a case like this.  I haven't done a ton of them, but this is what I've done in the past.... 

I get everything mounted on an articulator, created a waxup and modified the stone so I could give the periodontist a "template" to make sure they removed enough bone and put the tissue where I wanted it.  Let them heal and then provisionalize, do any necessary functional and esthetic modifications, and I assume, biocopy what you have in the mouth and go from there with the CEREC.  Is this what you did?  

And just because I know you have it, did you use the 5 axis mill to create your shells for your provisionals?  If you did, you definitely should have thrown that in to make all of us jealous :)

As always Ross, fantastic case!




In the age of corporate dentistry and turf wars it is interdisciplinary treatment like this that will set your practice apart. I admire you for not cutting corners.



Beautiful case. Looks really natural!