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Celtra Duo Anterior Case

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There has been some discussion about Celtra Duo on the boards recently - I have found it to be a very nice material both in how it mills and also handling of the material posst mill.  I thought it would be good to share an anterior case recently completed in which we can all evaluate the esthetics of the material.

Teeth #7-10 Celtra Duo LT A3 fired, completed in two visits using biogeneric individual, bonded with Variolink esthetic cement (neutral) 

This pre-op photo is from 2010 - patient had continue to wear and was also looking for improvement in apperance of his front teeth

Prep pics from Omni A/C


Final Photos:

Comments and critques welcomed, have a great weekend everyone!!


Nice Job Andrew.  It will be interesting to see the test of time with this material.  So far I am also really liking the way it mills (margins) and polishes.  I'll bet your patient is very happy.  


Nice work Dr. Hall !

Very Nice Andrew.

What stains and which glaze .

I wad told The LT is more translucent that Emax LT . 9 looks a little darker, is it light reflection or shine through of the darker tooth

very nice, it looks really natural

Nice, Andrew! I can see you had no margination issues with those crisp preps. If anything, I think the Celtra looks slightly overglazed, but that's probably just retracted with a flash. I haven't seen an anterior case with these yet, so I would also like to know the stain/glaze process. Well done!

Nice work Andrew.  Maybe the patient will be motivated to have some more work done.

Great work Andrew!!!



Thanks for feedback gents, true this material is new and we will have to see how it holds up to the test of time........

@Paul - I think the Celtra LT are little more translucent and I will have to look back at this case clinically not as #9 did not look darker but I see what your eye is picking up in the pics

@Ross - appreciate the feedback and agree probably was too much glaze

to further the conversation, the case was finished with empress stain and glazes - this is the system I have found the easiest to work with after trying various others....just my opinion and I will have to see how it hold up over time...

Andrew,  Nice job.  It looks the LT did a pretty nice job blocking out the darker #9 without it looking too LTish.   I am with you I like the empress stains.  I will be investing in the lustre pastes in the future after seeing some of the cases that have been posted with that system.   

Always nice to be able to see how some of these cases look a few years life to this very old thread, this is a 3 year follow-up on these anterior celtra crowns, one of the first cases I did with this material.  Holding up very well in my opinion....

Andrew thanks for follow up. This tissue looks great and crowns look like they are holding up real well

On 7/19/2015 at 7:28 pm, Shawn Sharp said...

Great work Andrew!!!



Figured I would just save myself some typing!! big grin

Love cases shown how they are holding up over time... nice work Andrew....


So Andrew you glazed them which means you fired them in the oven. They look good.

Did you consider only polishing them? Have you done that on other cases?



Dare I say they look even better after 3 years of natural staining?

Great case!

Andrew. The case looks great after 3 years!


Very nice. I’m new to Cerec, but I am really liking Celtra Duo so far. Looks great and it’s easier to work with compared to eMax.

@Ray - yes I have several cases where I have just polished Celtra Duo in the anterior - I still do fire them for strength but polish is always a nice option in the anterior - I will post a case

@Jake - yes they do look better after some time for sure 

To expand on that last thought, these were done with Empress stain and glaze as it was very early in my journey with this material and I think I over glazed them so I am glad they have "softened" over time if you will.