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3 Year Anterior Recall

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Just wanted to share a 3 year recall on one of our earlier anterior cases. Patient finally allowed me to replace an old existing PFM. What was interesting about this case is the spacing was not the same and we informed the patient of the challenge. She did not want to pursue ortho, so we had to mask the discrepancy with contouring. Overall, I think it turned out well and the material has held up great over the last 3 years. Again, if you are not doing anteriors, get yourself to Level 4 in Scottsdale or Charlotte to get some training.

This was Vita Triluxe done with 1 fire.


Immediate Delivery:

3 year Recall:



Still looks very nice. Great job matching them.

That's gorgeous.  

Absolutely beautiful...and amazing tissue response

That is really nice work...


Nice work Tom! The photography is pretty awesome too!

I was thinking the same thing Dan.

The lighting/flash looks different in your before vs. after shot.  What did you use?

Beautiful result Tom. You should definitely share your cases more winking

Thanks everyone. Carmela, in the first 2 photos a ring flash was used. You definitely do not get the contours and light reflection in those as well as the last 2, which were taken with a dual point flash. Labs really prefer a dual point flash to see these reflections as well as surface texture. It also shows more of the imperfections so you can be more critical of your work. It’s helped me immensely over the last several years. Photo Med has these setups for most camera systems. Hope this helps.