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Definitive Primescan vs. Omnicam Discussion Thread
By: Meena Barsoum 53 Replies
Ti base master compatability list
By: Marc Thomas 71 Replies
NETWORKING 101 - Primescan, Primemill and the Modern CEREC Office
By: Meena Barsoum 8 Replies
How do you get rid of black half of the screen in 5.1?
By: Daniel Kim 28 Replies
Variable Height TiBases & Rosetta ScanPost Extender
By: Daniel Wilson 13 Replies
Definitive Guide to Firing Cycles
By: Jeffrey Caso 89 Replies
Spear Practice Solution
By: Winnie Cheung 42 Replies
3D printers at Midwinter
By: David Honey 45 Replies
Contains Video
printed duplicate denture video
By: Dan Butterman 23 Replies
Atlantis and crown prep
By: Jeffrey Gregson 10 Replies
taking routine radiographs during exams
By: Penelope Chang 4 Replies
Quit for good
By: Winnie Cheung 20 Replies
hygiene for ortho patients
By: Penelope Chang
PPP laon Budget Calculator
By: Michael Mingle 2 Replies
too much bleeding- endo
By: Rohini Singh 6 Replies
Primemill Install
By: Richard "Ben" Alvarez 8 Replies
Mask Fitter straps
By: David Shapiro 12 Replies
Two way radio
By: Moe Tabesh 7 Replies
Merz artBloc temp material.
By: Ronald Jarvis 1 Reply
What are these lesions?
By: Dmitry Merzon 6 Replies
Clarity through face shields
By: Kwan Um 39 Replies
N95 Fit Test alternatives, is there?
By: Eric Chen 15 Replies
Opposing model penetration issue
By: Aaron Johnson 24 Replies
3D Printed Night Guards/Sports Guards
By: Jonathan Cardon 18 Replies
Teeth Incorrectly Identified
By: Douglas Desatink 1 Reply
Hand Sanitizer Discounts for CDOCS NOW!
By: David Shapiro 35 Replies
Best way to speed up Windows 7 Omnicam
By: Chad Gardner 1 Reply
Cerec lab
By: James Teague 1 Reply
Covid Screening Questions
By: David Shapiro 2 Replies
How to get cerec 20 burs to work on vita mono temps
By: Thomas Rumph 3 Replies
#8 implant restoration. Ti-base or custom abutment - What would you do?
By: Ronald Jarvis 6 Replies
COVID Office Protocol
By: Farhad Boltchi 41 Replies
Keyslpint Soft
By: Robert Lang 14 Replies
"Aw, Snap..."
By: Kristine Aadland 5 Replies
Hypochlorous acid vape and electronics
By: John Daw 54 Replies
CEREC slow after Windows 10/5.1 Update
By: Nathan Saydyk 3 Replies
Core file from Vulcan
By: Jeremy Jones 3 Replies
Disposable Primescan sleeves and Calibration problems
By: Jim Yankowskas 5 Replies
any word on sterilizing gowns?
By: David Shapiro 12 Replies
Deleting files
By: Christy Savas 3 Replies
By: Catherine Cech 4 Replies
Instructions to Sterilize N95 Masks - And Where To Buy Some
By: Meena Barsoum 69 Replies
How to prevent irreversible pulpitis
By: Rohini Singh 21 Replies
Options to cure 3 D printed models
By: Rohini Singh 5 Replies
Hygiene Production Pay Structure?
By: Chad Merkel 2 Replies
5.1 Update, How to do Ortho?
By: Nathan Saydyk 1 Reply
Opacity found on pan
By: Gary Templeman 4 Replies
SAME DAY Cosmetic Design Outsourcing
By: Weston Hatcher 2 Replies
4 month post op
By: Rohini Singh 12 Replies
Beware of Grey market and FEMA KN95 masks
By: Marc Thomas