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Bread & Butter: How To Leverage Time with CEREC

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Nothing fancy here.  Typical case.  Pt appointed for #2, #3, #15 direct resins and #5 crown.  We scheduled 2 hrs and finished ahead of time; just over 1:30 (#5 Empress polish only; no oven time).  I hope the following tips help you leverage your CEREC and complete more treatment in the same amount of time.

1.  Anesthesia of upper right quad only.  Next capture pre-op images of arch as I wanted to copy the B cusp of #5.  Also image opposing arch.

2.  Teeth #2,3 & 5 prepared.  *Note that I did not spend time restoring the molars.  As soon as the images were captured and we advanced to the model screen, anesthesia was delivered for #15.

3.  You can use pre-op images to check your reduction if you're not using reduction burs or bite tabs.

4.  Copy line of #5 that avoids the DO resin, hole in the occlusal surface & abfraction.  

5.  Initial proposal.

6.  Overlaying images of pre-op and CEREC proposal.  


7.  Final design of #5 with unrestored #2,3.  



*While the CEREC was moving from AQUISITION to MODEL phase, anesthesia was delivered for #15.  No 'downtime' waiting for CEREC  to process models.

*While #5 was milling, #2, 3 were restored and #15 was prepared for a direct resin (OL).  

*Leaving #2,3 unrestored during imaging of #5 allowed me to disregard them when designing occlusal contact strength of #5 crown.  

*After restoring the molars, I could adjust the occlusion of #2,3 while #5 was milling.  Without the crown in place, I could disregard occlusion of #5 prep as there was none. 

*After delivering #5 and cleaning the area, #15 was restored.  As the upper right had already been restored/contacts adjusted and polished, I only had to concentrate on #15 when adjusting the composite.


Again, this isn't 'sexy,' just everyday bread and butter dentistry.  My hope is that you'll find all the little areas of 'downtime' during a crown appt and find that there is plenty of time to complete other dentistry and make the appointment more productive while not increasing chair time.  


Very nice job, great time management

As sexy as bread & butter gets, my friend! Great workflows, thank you for taking the time to share!


On 7/19/2018 at 10:48 am, Jeremy Bewley said... As sexy as bread & butter gets, my friend! Great workflows, thank you for taking the time to share! #teamrednecktacoftw



​damn skippy