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"CDOCS Came to the Rescue" - A CEREC Journey

After working with both an Omnicam and a Bluecam, Dr. Rubecca Shahid decided to make the leap and purchase a new Primescan and register for CDOCS Fundamentals of CEREC Dentistry workshop.

"I knew this was a time when I really needed to step up my game and learn what I was missing in this puzzle," Dr. Shahid said. "That's where CDOCS came to the rescue!"

Watch below to hear all of Dr. Shahid's story, including how CDOCS Faculty Member Dr. Dan Butterman not only helped her identify all her issues, but as Dr. Shahid puts it - "he had answers to all my problems!"

Video Poster iPad Video Preview

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Thank you Dr. Shahid for the kind words, I'm so glad we were able to help!


I totally missed this somehow!

I am super thrilled you took my advice and joined our community - it is so worth it !


big hug


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