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Gingivectomy and restoration on tooth #8 by Solea Laser

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Gingivectomy and restoration on tooth #8 performed by Joshua Weintraub, DDS

This case demonstrates how Solea can be used to ablate both hard and soft tissue with no anesthesia, no bleeding, and fast healing.

Case Summary: A 67-year-old male, who has been a long-time patient of the practice, presented for his follow-up appointment. The oral evaluation revealed the recurrent subgingival decay on tooth #8 DFL (Class III/V combination) under an old composite restoration. The clinical objective was to restore #8 while performing a gingivectomy to access subgingival decay.  Total procedure time from start to finish was less than 30 minutes.

Technique Used: No topical anesthetic or injectable anesthetic were used for this procedure. To start, a gingivectomy was performed to enable removal of the subgingival decay and achieve a clean margin for proper restoration. Next, the old composite and recurrent decay were removed with Solea. The removal of gingiva was performed using the 1 mm spot size with cutting speed between 30-50% with 20% mist. This took less than a minute and did not require anesthetic. The 1 mm spot size with cutting speed between 30-60% with 100% mist was used for removing the decay and old composite. The enamel was beveled with a diamond bur. Finally, the tooth was restored. The entire procedure was completed blood-free (the slight redness on the ‘Restored’ photo was caused by the finishing bur at the gingival margin).

Solea Advantage:

  • The treatment was completed without anesthetic, was blood-free, and completed in less time compared to traditional approach.
  • The soft tissue healed extremely rapidly due to the minimally invasive precision of Solea.
  • The patient experience was enhanced due to not being injected with anesthesia, avoiding post-operative pain, and a shorter appointment time.

Results: With other instruments, the patient would require an injection in the maxillary anterior region – one of the most uncomfortable places to receive an injection, regardless of dentist’s skill level. This procedure would have likely taken much longer to complete with traditional instruments and techniques, compared to under 30 minutes with Solea. Time savings were achieved without the need to inject the patient and then wait for the patient to become numb. In addition, rapid and easy management of the soft tissue saved time. The patient was excited to avoid the shot, possible post-op pain, and hours of numbness after the appointment.