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eAssist or any other third party companies... sugggestions? Warnings?
By: Su-Wen Chang 6 Replies
TDA, United Concordia, and Ameritas processing time restrictions and low fee schedule
By: Su-Wen Chang 8 Replies
Sterilizing or disinfecting CEREC crowns, PFMs, gold crowns.... any prosthesis, thoughts?
By: Su-Wen Chang 6 Replies
Contains Video General Waiting Room Patient Education Material, i.e. CAESY...etc
By: Su-Wen Chang 10 Replies
Insurance Fax backs and phone representatives
By: Su-Wen Chang 6 Replies
MCXL has a red light when being turned on and when idle
By: Su-Wen Chang
Professional Liability Insurance in Arizona
By: Su-Wen Chang 11 Replies
M9 from MIDMARK or BRAVO from SciCan or any other suggestions
By: Su-Wen Chang 7 Replies
By: Su-Wen Chang 6 Replies
Compact Unit gets stuck with 1 min and 21 secs left on milling
By: Su-Wen Chang 6 Replies
Dex-Cam... anyone getting rid of theirs? I am interested in one or two?
By: Su-Wen Chang
Powder Pro Build-up that reduced suction...
By: Su-Wen Chang 3 Replies
Cerec Powder from Powder Pro building up in the suction tubing and reduce the suctioning
By: Su-Wen Chang 14 Replies
Patterson again makes me feel that they just want to SELL CEREC and provide crappy/spotty service
By: Su-Wen Chang 21 Replies
Adjacent edentulous areas in both arches
By: Su-Wen Chang 6 Replies