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SureSmile Simulation has determined this to be an advanced case
By: Garrett Teel 4 Replies
Sure Smile Turn around
By: David Painter 2 Replies
Looking for a good ortho lab
By: Sergei Shirman 2 Replies
Orthodontic rehabilitation can be live changing
By: JF Levesque 17 Replies
SureSmile Rx help
By: Rebecca Hup 1 Reply
sure smile cases when button comes off
By: Sarah Smith 3 Replies
Mad amount of IPR per Arch
By: Michael Whitecar 3 Replies
What do you use for IPR
By: Darrick Zirker 6 Replies
Creating Demo
By: John Massey 2 Replies
Suresmile protocols
By: Paolo Bellanti 3 Replies
Sure Smile 9 month check up.
By: John Patterson 3 Replies
CO-CR shift / TMJ asymptomatic
By: Samuel Emrich 5 Replies
SureSmile case, patient breaking aligners, TMJ clicking
By: Sarah Smith 3 Replies
Difficulty removing aligners
By: Beth Haymore 11 Replies
SureSmile Button debonding
By: Nate Henderson 4 Replies
SureSmile causing Localized Recession?
By: David Peck 8 Replies
suresmile spacing
By: Greg Moses 2 Replies
Unable to close diastema
By: Darren Wallace 5 Replies
Suresmile Case selection
By: Ravneet Kaur 2 Replies
Class II correction
By: Cherisse Loo 7 Replies
By: John Eberz 1 Reply
Using buttons and elastics
By: Steven Justesen 1 Reply