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Brand new CBCT installed and not working 2nd time. Need an advise
By: Minhal Al-Qassab 6 Replies
Mill question for Teloi block
By: Gary Bacon 1 Reply
Cerec Primemill CS 1.0mm bur at 12%
By: Ivan Mendoza 7 Replies
Zirconia crowns having fracture lines after coming out of speed fire.
By: Gary Bacon 6 Replies
sending a Primescan
By: Cherry Staff 5 Replies
new update
By: Earl Woeltje 2 Replies
How to merge duplicate patients on primescan
By: Amy See 5 Replies
By: Jennifer Kunkel 1 Reply
By: Jennifer Kunkel 5 Replies
TELIO CAD- can you mill multiple individual with one block?
By: Jennifer Kunkel 5 Replies
CEREC Abutment Block
By: Diana Meza Chavez 3 Replies
Sprue On Prime Mill
By: samir tadha 1 Reply
Implant 24/25-Cantilever or split
By: Jeremy Badger 1 Reply
Cerec Question
By: Candi Eugenio 1 Reply
Solea Laser
By: Jeffrey Frerichs
Primeprint surgical guide discrepancies
By: Ted Fischer 11 Replies
Crown prep reduction
By: Cara Bodine 5 Replies
Anterior 3 unit implant bridge
By: Richard Guthrie 6 Replies
Case set-up steps
By: Karina Medina 1 Reply
Seeking Associate Position in Phoenix metro
By: Brant McNew 5 Replies
speedfire issues
By: Brian Songer 3 Replies
Lower retention post ortho treatment for a patient who grinds getting an upper occlusal guard.
By: Sarah Smith 8 Replies
By: Stacy Lukanuski 5 Replies
SureSmile - Ordering 3D Printed Models
By: Shalin Shah
SureSmile Dental Exam Submission Changes
By: Shalin Shah
procreate video
By: Amber Taffer 2 Replies
Tooth Extrusion Using SureSmile
By: Daniel Jankowski
Re-cement Cerec
By: Cara Bodine 1 Reply
2 patients one computer
By: Cara Bodine 2 Replies
My dentist assistant with Primescan is moving to the Dallas, Plano, Frisco area
By: Augusto Fojas 1 Reply
3 unit implant bridge
By: Cecil Sandoval 4 Replies
Office manager/ Assistant
By: Laura Roberson 2 Replies
Posterior abutment with crown
By: Hood Biggers 1 Reply
Straumann Implant Scanbody
By: Dana Nichols 3 Replies
Straumann Nice Blocks
By: Robyn Call 1 Reply
MTL bridge 29-31 won’t manufacture
By: Ashley Metcalf 2 Replies
Acquisition Handouts
By: Katie Reuther 1 Reply
Trouble designing Implant Crown
By: Melinda Garcia 3 Replies
Speedfire "Thermocouple defect detected, process will be aborted" error. What is the fix?
By: Ronald Pisciotta 9 Replies
Milling Telio Cad
By: Iliana Tati 7 Replies
Associate and PTO for CE?
By: James Maholick 14 Replies
By: Mira Khouzam 5 Replies
Dental Assistant Agreement
By: Sathish Palayam 3 Replies
Trouble shooting four unit bridge Primescan
By: Asma Muzaffar 11 Replies
Super Fast Milling with PrimeMill
By: Robert Murav 2 Replies
primescan intro/training for team member
By: Andrew Perry 2 Replies
Back Up Data
By: Robert Murav 2 Replies
miyo glaze by Jensen
By: John DiGrazia 5 Replies
prime mill
By: Richard Nowakowski 8 Replies
Soft Tissue Laser
By: Tara Trenholm 5 Replies