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Bonus Systems
By: Marc Thomas 20 Replies
designing and milling w multiple providers
By: Stuart Waite 7 Replies
Policy and Procedures Manual Update Recommendations
By: Keith Metzger 2 Replies
Do you LOVE your CPA?
By: Ronald Jarvis 13 Replies
Teledentistry, How do you use it? If at all. Legal status.
By: Kent Mosby 4 Replies
Eaglesoft Electronic Rx
By: Parks Alexander 3 Replies
spear consulting
By: Adam Schwartz 1 Reply
replacing office manager question
By: Brian Chan 10 Replies
Letters to Delta Patients
By: James Maholick 6 Replies
Employee Quandary
By: David Sorensen 2 Replies
PPP Loan Forgiveness - anyone applied yet?
By: Thomas Lunstrum 17 Replies
HHS Relief Payment
By: Scott Barrix 30 Replies
Temporary Hygienist
By: Andres Gamboa 19 Replies
Quickbooks, outsourcing payroll, etc
By: Thomas Lunstrum 16 Replies
Possible scam - have you received a call from someone claiming to be with Amazon Alexa?
By: Ronald Jarvis 6 Replies
Merchant Services and Text to Pay
By: Lyndsay McCaslin 2 Replies
Bonus systems that work...any ideas?
By: Kevin Trotter 21 Replies
Insurance Billing Companies
By: Chris Tricinella 1 Reply
eAssist or any other third party companies... sugggestions? Warnings?
By: Su-Wen Chang 6 Replies
Extended Hours, 3 days a week
By: Kyle Dixon 16 Replies
best paperless solution with dentrix
By: Michelle Sturm 16 Replies
Two (4 month old) insurance checks just returned
By: Thomas Lunstrum 3 Replies
When are you scheduling your patients?
By: David Sorensen 4 Replies
Florida Reopening Monday?
By: David Sorensen 5 Replies
EIDL Advance, Anyone received the grant yet?
By: Brian Miles 160 Replies
PPP is in the Bank, now what?
By: David Sorensen 41 Replies
A letter to the Governor
By: Kathryn Smith 19 Replies
Policies and procedures manual
By: David Sorensen 4 Replies
Senate passes $2T COVID-19 Relief Bill...will the House muck it up?
By: Ernie Johnson 35 Replies
Hiring at this time?
By: Mark Hoyle 3 Replies
The cure is worse than the disease
By: David Sorensen 40 Replies
The ADA shut us down for 3 weeks, now what?
By: David Sorensen 71 Replies
Monthly Statements
By: Mark Hoyle 2 Replies
COVID-19 and Dental Practices
By: Farhad Boltchi 1 Reply
Long-term Temporary Maryland Bridge Coding
By: Robert Flores 1 Reply
Who's working this "minor" holiday where many places are closed?
By: Ernie Johnson 23 Replies
Anyone using Cain Watters for 401k investments?
By: James Maholick 9 Replies
Dentist in San Antonio
By: Aleksandra Morel 7 Replies
Best way to check in with Dentrix in an all Digital Office?
By: James Maholick 2 Replies
Recommendations for a Dental CPA?
By: Thomas Lunstrum 10 Replies
Delta AZ---here we go down the reimbursement road to ZERO
By: Ernie Johnson 3 Replies
Comprehensive Finance
By: Richard Gochman 3 Replies
Do you work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving? Why or why not?
By: Ernie Johnson 33 Replies
Weave Phone System
By: Greg Lambert 14 Replies
Scanning and Designing Time Management
By: Robyn Matonti 2 Replies
My next team meeting...
By: Ernie Johnson 6 Replies
By: Thomas Kauffman 7 Replies
Insurance waiver for CEREC upcharge
By: Jacqueline Richmond 46 Replies
Failed implant Finacial protocols for patients
By: Barkley Bastian 20 Replies
Could any of you send some new patient intake forms - pretty please!!
By: Thomas Kauffman 2 Replies