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Date Title
"Simple" RCT #18
By: Diwakar Kinra 5 Replies
Root Canals after ENDO 1 & 2
By: Carlos Campodonico 1 Reply
GuttaCore in all 4
By: Diwakar Kinra 10 Replies
By: Parks Alexander 3 Replies
ProTaper vs WaveOne
By: Robert Murav 12 Replies
Endo Post System
By: Parks Alexander 9 Replies
Edge Mix
By: Parks Alexander 3 Replies
By: Parks Alexander 17 Replies
Being the Tom Brady of Endodontics...6 year recall party!
By: Diwakar Kinra 7 Replies
Intentional Replant
By: Diwakar Kinra 24 Replies
Rubber Dam Clamps
By: Parks Alexander 3 Replies
This is a new one on me
By: Charles Lo Giudice 5 Replies
CBCT to the Rescue!
By: Diwakar Kinra 6 Replies
Selective Root Retreatment
By: Diwakar Kinra 7 Replies
Second molar do not always read the textbook
By: Peter Gardell 3 Replies
need an endodontist
By: Damen Patel 1 Reply
I have known the owner of this tooth for 50 years
By: Charles Lo Giudice 12 Replies
Endo Course put in practice
By: Peter Gardell 7 Replies
Is this a kosher way to bill?
By: Gary Templeman 4 Replies
resorption tx question
By: Brad Dorsch 9 Replies
Crown preps aren't supposed to bleed, right?
By: Kevin Burgdorf 6 Replies
gutta smart issues
By: Andrew Nothem 3 Replies
Where to go from here?
By: Sean Eschenbach 7 Replies
Retreat #9 Can this be done with no apico?
By: David Stangl 8 Replies
The worst day in 49 years of practice
By: Charles Lo Giudice 10 Replies
Farhad would probably call this tooth hopeless. I prefer hopeFUL.
By: Charles Lo Giudice 11 Replies never hurt till you...(I'm tired of talking about Covid)
By: Diwakar Kinra 1 Reply
I am glad I didn't have to treat this schedule breaker during regular office hours
By: Charles Lo Giudice 5 Replies
SICAT ENDO - the endodontists will appreciate it but the younger dentists will love it
By: Bogdan Oprea 1 Reply
Two Endos During the Shutdown
By: Charles Lo Giudice 9 Replies
Favorite Apex Finder?
By: James Maholick 10 Replies
Retreat vs. Implant
By: Diwakar Kinra 5 Replies
This patient is a drama queen. I took a risk treating this
By: Charles Lo Giudice 9 Replies
rct question
By: Grady Twohig 10 Replies
"Activated Irrigation in Endodontics"
By: Charles Lo Giudice 4 Replies
Digital Apex Locator
By: Robert Lang 11 Replies
Anyone using Edge endo files in there practice?
By: James Maholick 12 Replies
Wave one Gold vs Protaper
By: Winnie Cheung 5 Replies
Sybron TF Adaptive and DS Wave One
By: Nick Cost 1 Reply
Internal whitening leading to over whitening.
By: Jon Feinauer 3 Replies
Any recommendations on cordless heat plugger?
By: Kurt Kwiatkowski 2 Replies
Chiropractor had to eat a little humble pie
By: Charles Lo Giudice 6 Replies
Anyone doing Sicat guided endo?
By: Kurt Kwiatkowski 2 Replies
By: Jason Cohen 17 Replies
What do you prefer to obture the canals?
By: Gustavo Grili 18 Replies
Any Endo referals in Midtown Manhattan?
By: Rich Cooper 4 Replies
By: Vinod Mathew 4 Replies
Milling a post and core
By: Gary Alder 3 Replies
Good Endo in Gilbert area?
By: Joseph Moss 2 Replies
Guided endo with Sicat Optiguide
By: Mikkel Buchgreitz 14 Replies