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Date Title
Pt. says she wants crowns out because they are bothering her
By: David Sorensen 21 Replies
Neoss Implant Crown Restoration
By: Richard Fink 1 Reply
SGS Implant Crown Restoration
By: Richard Fink
Cerec guide 3 mill problems
By: Ike Heaphy 20 Replies
By: Luke Singh 5 Replies
Digital Facebow / Digital Articulator for CR?
By: Kory Kirkegaard 5 Replies
Printing a guide from a Sirona setup?
By: John Sherman 4 Replies
SiCat Sleeve-in-Sleeve inner sleeves not fitting
By: Farhad Boltchi 1 Reply
28 year old Branemark - need restorative info
By: Thomas Lunstrum 13 Replies
CT connection issue
By: David Stangl 5 Replies
Ossix bone, 6 implant supported denture
By: Neil Johnson 5 Replies
Cerec Guide 3
By: Robert Lang 10 Replies
Antibiotic Coverage with Implant Surgery
By: Farhad Boltchi 11 Replies
Sure Smile Patient Kit
By: Catherine Cech 8 Replies
Implant crowns with a ring around them
By: Bjorn Melander 2 Replies
CEREC Guide 2 "Tool Clearance" problem
By: Brad Miller 6 Replies
Good Lab for Scanned Screw-retained implant supported crowns
By: Jason Skinner 3 Replies
Astra EV Profile implant
By: Yao-Lin Tang 3 Replies
Recommended cerec burs for implant guides?
By: Jasbir Paik 5 Replies
Error Code When Milling
By: Matthew Keefe 1 Reply
Tons of Bone
By: Farhad Boltchi 17 Replies
Osteoshield Membrane
By: Doug Smail 7 Replies
Ugly duckling
By: Doug Smail 8 Replies
Azento issue
By: Doug Smail 3 Replies
Straumann and Primescan
By: Wade Abbott 3 Replies
Are Dentium Superline implants compatible with the Astra 4.5/5.0 abutment?
By: Kory Kirkegaard
How do you get the chucks for the Shaper 25RZ and the Finisher 10?
By: Jason Skinner 5 Replies
Should I contact the previous GP?
By: Ben Jump 30 Replies
The difference between .ssi and .sixd file exports
By: Dan Butterman 14 Replies
Primescan Induced Prolia Related ONJ
By: Farhad Boltchi 16 Replies
astra guide pin question
By: Jeffrey Gregson 3 Replies
Weak primary stability on implant placement
By: David Sorensen 5 Replies
Astra EV Overdenture
By: David Sorensen 9 Replies
Cerec Guide Slot saves the day!
By: Doug Smail 8 Replies
Primemill and CG2/3
By: Doug Smail
Cerec guide 2 or 3?
By: Christian Pilgrim 6 Replies
Astra EV 3.0 work around with a Classic Guided case
By: Susan Prater 2 Replies
Locator Implant Clearance
By: Peter Pang 4 Replies
CBCT Shines a Light on Every Day Diagnosing and Treatment Planning Blog Post
By: CDOCS Staff 3 Replies
Trouble with implant crown proposal
By: Natalee Gomez 1 Reply
What do you use on the bottom of your mill when milling a Cerec Guide?
By: Jason Skinner 15 Replies
MIS Implants
By: Frank Emmert 13 Replies
Tibase with crown would not fully seat
By: Irena Vaksman 8 Replies
Can't move forward from admin screen when designing CEREC Guide 2
By: Thomas Lunstrum 11 Replies
Can someone help me with this Straumann implant
By: Jeff Johnson 5 Replies
complex pain case seeking specialists
By: Catherine Cech 4 Replies
importing dicomm
By: David Stangl 5 Replies
Cerec 5.1.3??
By: Jason Skinner 2 Replies
Cerec Guide 3 bridge digital wax up on primescan
By: Robert Lang 5 Replies
Grafting Root Resorption Case
By: Peter Pang 11 Replies