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Scottsdale protocol
By: Erik Wipf 7 Replies
Virtual Waxup inLab 22... new way
By: Mike Skramstad 12 Replies
Scottsdale Dinner Options
By: Alex Moheban 11 Replies
Attended The Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting Course (CI3) last week
By: Stanley Tang 3 Replies
Charlotte vs Scottsdale
By: Brandon Murphy 16 Replies
Cerec Guide Prosthetic planning
By: Dana Nichols 5 Replies
Should I bring my loupes to CL2?
By: Ron Maple 3 Replies
If you have not taken Diwakar Kinra’s endo course, you need to!
By: Richard Rosenblatt 3 Replies
4.6 vs 5.2 software
By: Trace Baxter 4 Replies
Canceling Courses
By: Chris Tricinella 11 Replies
Am I bad to Skip
By: Zack Paukert 8 Replies
Workshop Wrap Up
By: Mark Fleming 2 Replies
Virtual Seminars
By: Dave Rossen 4 Replies
$500 gift card
By: Dave Rossen 10 Replies
Food of all things
By: Beth Skovron 10 Replies
Cantilever Canine implant replacing lateral
By: Shahnaz Gharib 4 Replies
Gingivectomy and CEREC restorations as a PPO provider
By: Nick Cost 12 Replies
By: Jennifer Cornell 3 Replies
Basic Two Crowns Question
By: Stuart Winter 5 Replies
Pontics and SureSmile
By: Nick Cost 5 Replies
Maryland Bridge on previously treated root canal teeth
By: Nick Cost 3 Replies
What happens when you place too much pressure on tissue with implants...
By: Mike Skramstad 7 Replies
video links that correspond to courses
By: Darlenn Grace Ayan 1 Reply
Primescan Settings
By: Kathryn Haire 2 Replies
Business attire or scrubs?
By: Kathryn Haire 2 Replies
Unusual Findings in a Large Field of View CT Image
By: Thomas Kauffman 6 Replies
How to polish Katana STML
By: Mike Skramstad 13 Replies
food near NC campus
By: Andrew Nothem 12 Replies
Making #8 look like mirror image to #9- anterior crown
By: Damon Thompson 1 Reply
Advanced Suresmile course
By: Ross Rubino 9 Replies
worth the trip
By: Bob Dawe 7 Replies
aetna fee reduction
By: Brad Dorsch 17 Replies
Software and course content has come a long way
By: Bob Dawe 9 Replies
Great to be back teaching ICA (at least virtually!)
By: Doug Smail 2 Replies
For CDOCS Virtual fundamentals class Sept 10-11th
By: Meghana Sthanam 1 Reply
Any news about hands on workshops resuming?
By: Ross Rubino 13 Replies
CE course question
By: Tim Vanitvelt 3 Replies
Splint Temporary Crowns Together
By: Robert Murav 1 Reply
LOVE the Tip of the Day videos
By: Ernie Johnson
Looking for Skramy's Implant design Webinar during Quarantine
By: Peter Eliopoulos 4 Replies
By: Paul Kruth 5 Replies
Abutment minimal thickness
By: Deepthy Thomas 5 Replies
How does Biohorizons Guided Surgical kit fit into the DS workflow?
By: Nick Cost 7 Replies
4B rocks
By: Ross Rubino 4 Replies
Pocket reduction and crown lengthening resources ?
By: Jason Retter 1 Reply
By: Jason Retter 3 Replies
CEREC cement retained abutment
By: Greg Secora 2 Replies
Problems with Programat cs and emax
By: Robert Clapcich 8 Replies
ICC Workshop Exactly what I needed
By: Ryan Bucher 7 Replies
3D printable denture base resins
By: Robert Clapcich 4 Replies