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Date Title
Weird screw down implant proposal
By: Ross Rubino 8 Replies
Bridge case - incomplete milling several times
By: Clifton Cameron 1 Reply
Looking for guidance on complex case
By: Gabriel Quinones-Betancourt 10 Replies
Full mouth temporaries at increased VDO
By: Jenny Apekian 2 Replies
Crowns too high for a while
By: Bradley Oliver 2 Replies
Primescan won't connect to Primemill
By: Elizabeth Hernandez 3 Replies
Post orthodontic case not ready for full mouth smile design
By: Barry Goodspeed 8 Replies
Veneer and no prep veneer design help
By: Benjamin Hellickson 3 Replies
Omnicam scanner not picking up scan
By: Alex Gamber 4 Replies
Poor bridge proposal
By: Stephen Fintel 3 Replies
Imaging concerns, teeth stitching together
By: Rob McCanon 1 Reply
Bridge breaking during milling
By: Roland Markarian 4 Replies
Diaz Maura
By: Eunyoung Park 1 Reply
Cerec impression for anterior implant
By: Marisa Patt 4 Replies
can i get some feedback on these implant contacts?
By: Matt Kime 7 Replies
Need help designing these two adjacent implant #4& 5
By: Mojgan Mehranfard 6 Replies
Plan: Lab makes the custom abut and I make the crown.
By: Muath Asamarai 6 Replies
Need help regarding proposal
By: Gurvinderjit Bhullar 5 Replies
Help with design veneer and crown #8+9
By: Benjamin Hellickson 8 Replies
help please! Implant crown won't fit Tie-base
By: Mojgan Mehranfard 17 Replies
#5 crown won't seat
By: Anonymous 7 Replies
Nightguards not Fitting
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Veneer and no prep veneer design
By: Benjamin Hellickson 4 Replies
Poor proposal
By: William Strauss 4 Replies
bad proposal for Telio provisional
By: Darlenn Ayan 3 Replies
help with implant proposal
By: Nassim Pietsch 4 Replies
trouble with minimal thickness
By: Matt Kime 8 Replies
Maryland bridge design
By: Megan Hamner 3 Replies
Is this an occlusal reduction issue ?
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Need help with design inlays 4 & 5
By: Amy See 3 Replies
Base Line Location
By: Adam Marengi 9 Replies
open contacts
By: Nicholas Laudati 3 Replies
Poor implant position, lab or cerec?
By: Jonathan Nash 12 Replies
Primemill diamonds
By: Darlenn Ayan 2 Replies
Anterior Multilayer Implant Crown Design
By: Sara Brinkman 18 Replies
exprot of files from chairside to use in Sirona Connect
By: Soren Lindtoft 3 Replies
4.6 bridge query
By: Scott McFarlane 2 Replies
Margin is milling thin on buccal
By: Sara Brinkman 4 Replies
Guided implant planning help #18-20
By: Chris Poe 7 Replies
Lower Anterior Maryland Bridge
By: Polly Reese 5 Replies
Attempting abutment/crown design
By: Susan Prater 1 Reply
Scan transfer
By: Christian Pilgrim 11 Replies
Maryland Br #6-7 Error Code 400108 after 2 minutes of Milling
By: Jeffrey Bennett 7 Replies
Anterior Implant Crown #11
By: Heidi Huang 3 Replies
Implant design help #18
By: Brad Weiss 2 Replies
anterior implant crown
By: David Jacobson 2 Replies
Trouble designing anterior crown
By: Brandi Pendergast 3 Replies
Maryland bridge- Trouble switching from Intersecting to Anatomic connector
By: Francis Shin 2 Replies
Lower second molar implant crown does not show contact area colour pressure gradient
By: Mark Sutherland 6 Replies
Anterior case
By: Trupti Desai 2 Replies