Machell Hudson, RDH, FAAOSH is the founder and CEO of Integrative Dental Coaching. She is a proud and passionate fellow and member of the prestigious board for The American Academy for Oral and Systemic Health. Carifree Cooperative member which is led by Machell’s mentor, Dr. Kim Kutsch. Her newest accolade is being invited to sit on the education committee for Women in DSO with a purpose focused on bringing education and empowerment to the forefront within the DSO space. Because of her love for patient care she continues to practice clinical hygiene while also speaking and consulting with an expertise in oral-systemic connections and protocol implementation. She is a graduate of the Bale/Doneen method preceptorship which is advanced training in arterial disease with a focus on heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention, Kois trained in periodontal health and a health and wellness coach.  Machell cherishes time with her family and friends and a big part of her heart is spent volunteering for Unbound advocating and speaking on Human Trafficking Awareness.

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