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Movement Failed Error
By: Cody Olson 6 Replies
92 Year Old Rampant Decay
By: Caitlyn Lorenzo 7 Replies
DS Core Question
By: Matthew Harrison 2 Replies
Help me get smoother margins
By: Josie Reynolds 12 Replies
Nobel Replace green color.
By: Ryan Pitman 5 Replies
Locator partial denture, implant location question
By: David Stangl 2 Replies
Planning and Printing Surgical Guide for DS PrimeTaper Implant
By: Dado Paul Kim 2 Replies
How do I add Prime Taper Guided Surgery Sleeve to Sidexis 4
By: Michael Whyte 3 Replies
floating abutment over NB 4.5 for nobel conical NP?
By: Matt Herrington 1 Reply
Lower Incisor problem
By: David Hansen 2 Replies
TruAbutment Part Ordering Confusion
By: Brian Rich 3 Replies
#7 hopeless prognosis
By: Caitlyn Lorenzo 5 Replies
#20 PDL widening? Loss of lamina dura?
By: Caitlyn Lorenzo 2 Replies
PP Splint design issue with diastema
By: Carmela LaFalce 7 Replies
nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) Vs Fluoride Thoughts??
By: Carla Sullivan 1 Reply
Prime print question
By: Jeffrey Anderson 3 Replies
How long to mill and sinter a 3-unit posterior zironia bridge, typically???
By: Timothy Kaufmann 17 Replies
PrimePrint Terminal tooth Distal Stop
By: Aleksandra Morel
Assistant dropped primescan and it broke. It gets worse.
By: Braden Giswold 18 Replies
Best workflow
By: Paul Kruth 4 Replies
Lower incisors
By: David Hansen 1 Reply
Feedback on first CEREC implant restoration
By: Ron Maple 1 Reply
trying to print duplicate of patient's denture
By: Michael Paisner 4 Replies
By: Winnie Cheung 2 Replies
By: Thomas Kauffman 6 Replies
Anterior Mandibular Implant Therapy, Part 2
By: Farhad Boltchi 12 Replies
Burnt glaze on Katana Crown
By: Don Ratliff 9 Replies
Splint Imaging and Design
By: Julie Tuttle 5 Replies
Completed immediate implant #8
By: Enrique Tuesta 8 Replies
Who wants a post extraction sinus exposure...No One!
By: Doug Smail 8 Replies
Occlusal Guard Candy Coating Technique
By: Chris Tricinella 10 Replies