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First Big Anterior Case with CEREC, Suggestions Welcomed
By: Kyle Dixon 8 Replies
Polished Anterior Cerec
By: Yao-Lin Tang 4 Replies
New PrimeScan battery not charging
By: Sevak Abrahamian 12 Replies
smooth tool
By: Eric Bufano 2 Replies
5.1.1 database
By: Mark Stockwell 1 Reply
Need referral for Portland Oregon Dentist
By: Jonathan Dubin 6 Replies
New Blue Sky Bio User. Few questions for designing guides.
By: Trevor Labrum
By: Todd Greeson 4 Replies
#5 Immediate Implant/Custom Healing Abutment/ Truabutment Custom Abutment/ EMax crown
By: Robert Lang 7 Replies
Is it okay to do endo in isolite
By: Rohini Singh 17 Replies
Primescan Spru Location
By: Volinder Dhesi 4 Replies
A new surprise and how it was solved
By: Charles Lo Giudice 3 Replies
prime camera ....
By: Todd Greeson 10 Replies
Do these Atlantis proposals look any different to you?
By: Tyson Roe 6 Replies
Cerec Ortho
By: Shiv Pillay 5 Replies
Anyone using this?....
By: Andrew Hall 1 Reply
Primescan of a partially edentulous arch
By: Carmela LaFalce
Thank you Weston! Great first case experience
By: David Sullivan
Tibases supported in Prime
By: Bill Drake 1 Reply
Emax Abutment #13
By: Martin Stoltenberg 3 Replies
The wait is killing me!
By: Chad Stewart 7 Replies
Another Opportunity for Dentsply Sirona Trip
By: Mark Fleming 11 Replies
Moving to San Diego
By: Kendall Frazier 7 Replies
Modela MDX-20 3D printer
By: Susan Prater 1 Reply
Clinical Accelerators
By: Sameer Puri 46 Replies
Bleach block BL2 to 1M1
By: Donnie Dean
SO FRUSTRATING - Primescan e.max crowns that rock
By: Rich Crosby 4 Replies
virtual articulator
By: Thomas McCoy
Implant abutment veneer material & design help
By: Ala Barakat 2 Replies
Always learning the hard way
By: Jon Skare 4 Replies
Katana vs 3M Zirconia
By: Daniel Kim 6 Replies
transferring a furnace job to a different speedfire
By: Jim Hoye 1 Reply
Primescan Tibase Implant list
By: Bill Drake
"sensitive to when i chew things that mold to the tooth - like gum or meat - but not all the time"
By: Michael Costa 4 Replies
Radiation and implants
By: David Sorensen 3 Replies
First Implant crown...help!
By: Megan Shiga 14 Replies
Katana shade confusion
By: Rohini Singh 6 Replies
Long-term provisional missing lateral
By: David Sorensen 6 Replies
Scan in 4.6, design in 5.1?
By: Kristi Johnson 2 Replies
Katana crown position
By: Eric Bufano 1 Reply
Katana--staining and glazing
By: Jeff Johnson 21 Replies
Dentist in downtown Boston / Back Bay area
By: Askold Wynnykiw 8 Replies
appliance for Snoring Only (no Apnea)
By: David Shapiro 8 Replies
can we make this work?
By: Thomas Clark 6 Replies
Create a membership discount plan instead of lowest insurance participation?
By: Jeff Levy 20 Replies
software update
By: Eric Bufano 6 Replies
scanning an impression
By: Adam Koppelman 5 Replies
need help with implant case
By: Anonymous
Carbocaine w Neo-Cobefrin?
By: Jason Retter 7 Replies