The Updated SureSmile Software Provides Enhanced Workflow and Patient Experience

Thomas Monahan Shivi Gupta
2 years ago

By Shivi Gupta, DMD
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SureSmile Clear Aligner Therapy is fully integrated with my practice’s digital workflow. My team can collect treatment records efficiently and comfortably for our patients. Within minutes a full mouth digital scan is captured using the Primescan and this digital model is used for patient communication resulting in an increased case acceptance rate (Figure 1). Once the patient has approved treatment the digital scan in uploaded to the SureSmile software through the Case Connect Center on the Primescan. A series of intra- and extra-oral pictures, an optional CBCT or X-rays are also submitted to software that is browser-based and can be accessed from any computer.

Figure 1 – Assistant Capturing a Full Mouth Digital can with the Primescan

The latest enhancements to the software have simplified and improved the treatment planning process. The dental examination is now completed on a tooth model like what is used in the CEREC software (Figure 2). The model is very intuitive ad we can easily click on teeth we plan for no movement, label teeth that have implants or those that will be extracted.

Figure 2 – Enhanced Dental Examination

The new prescription process has been the greatest benefit of the recent software update. The older Macros has been replaced with a streamlined prescription (Figure 3). This simplified process enables clinicians to submit cases at a faster rate allowing for quicker turnaround times with patients starting treatment.

Figure 3 – Streamlined Prescription Process

Where SureSmile really stands out is the excellent initial treatment plan that is designed and sent back from the SureSmile digital lab. The final treatment plan can then be dialed in using the software tools. The updated treatment planning tools are now housed in a favorites tab for easy access. The tooth movement icon on the bottom right of the screen (Figure 4) allows the displacements dialogue box to be toggled on and off.  This provides more space to view the model in the patient overview screen.

Figure 4 – Enhanced Patient Overview Screen

The outstanding initial set up results in fewer refinements and prevents aligner fatigue. Below is a 16 aligner SureSmile case (Figure 5 and 6) that required no refinements and finished on time as planned. 

Figure 5 and 6 – Before and After of 16 Aligner SureSmile Case

The predictability of the SureSmile aligner system allows for shorter treatment times, less chair time and overall greater patient satisfaction.


Shivi Gupta DMD
Scripps Rock Dental
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