Connecting the Patient to Financial Assistance

Thomas Monahan CDOCS Staff
3 years ago

Patient financing made easy with transparent payment options, competitive APRs, and monthly payment plans.


Millions of Americans don't have dental insurance, and for those who do, coverage doesn’t include all dental treatments. Patients deserve a more affordable option than paying out of pocket or using a credit card with a high interest rate, and dental practices deserve to focus on caring for patients, not payments.

LendingClub Patient Solutions is a dental practice’s financing partner. The plans provide budget-friendly monthly payments, removing cost as a barrier and allowing more patients to move forward with their treatment.

Hugh Crean, Senior Vice President at LendingClub, said that financing using their solution also removes the financing burden from the staff. “Any patient questions regarding payment plans are directed to us,” Crean explained. “Providers get paid in 1 to 2 business days from payment plan approval. It’s a win-win for both the provider and the patient.”

The experienced team at LendingClub Patient Solutions is passionate about delivering flexible, transparent plans and supporting them with outstanding service. “Our knowledgeable Customer Care team will take questions from providers and patients by phone, email, or live chat,” shared Crean. “Our team of account managers works with providers to optimize their patient financing strategy.”

Another advantage to LendingClub is multi-disbursement. “We make it easy for surgeons and referring practices to be paid quickly for complex cases,” said Crean. “Practices are paid when the patient’s payment plan is funded, and it’s all done with a single, simple application process.”

Increasing Case Acceptance

Payment plans offered through LendingClub Patient Solutions have the power to increase case acceptance. Often, the patient understands the benefits of the treatment you’ve just outlined, but there’s still hesitancy. Presenting a budget-friendly monthly payment can make the conversation around treatment cost that much more productive. When affordability is no longer an issue, the chances of hearing “yes” are that much greater.

And with LendingClub, patients can check what payment plans they are prequalified for, with no impact to their credit until they select a plan and move forward.

Partnering for Success

It's more important than ever for practices to partner with supportive services like LendingClub Patient Solutions.

“We want providers to be able to grow their practice and help patients afford the necessary dental care they need,” concluded Crean.

​Visit enroll to register your practice with LendingClub Patient Solutions.


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