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Why I Use LendingClub Patient Solutions

Thomas Monahan CDOCS Staff
2 months ago

Why I Use LendingClub Patient Solutions

A simple, transparent, and flexible way to finance patient care and increase case acceptance


Kathy Schweiger

As the office manager for Glen Gallimore, DDS, for the past 13 years, Kathy Schweiger understands that patients can sometimes struggle to pay for the dental treatment they desperately need. Here, Schweiger shares how LendingClub Patient Solutions offers these patients a no-nonsense way to move forward.

Kathy has been a professional in the dental field for over 20 years, having graduated from San José City College in 1992.  Throughout her career, Kathy’s emphasis has always been on providing great patient care and excellent customer service. She has worked as a dental and oral surgery assistant, a front- and back- office lead, an office manager for 702DENTIST, and as the director of dental implant treatment for Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery.


Why I Use LendingClub Patient Solutions

Dental treatment can be expensive, which makes it difficult for patients to receive the care they need. In our office, many patients need help with financing, especially when it comes to full-mouth treatment plans or any procedure over a few thousand dollars.

If a patient is not financially able to proceed with treatment, LendingClub Patient Solutions gives them options to space out the payments in a way that fits their budgets and makes treatment more affordable. It allows them to more easily say "yes" to treatment, which helps boost our case acceptance rate.


Support That's A Step Above

The customer service is excellent at LendingClub and we’ve never had an issue with them. Our representative is always accessible and we never get sent to an answering machine when we call. And, if an answer to our question is ever unclear, they will immediately resolve it. This service is accessible for patients as well, which is a huge bonus. Usually, it takes very little convincing to get patients on board with LendingClub because they know we are being transparent about their financing options.


Helping Patients See the Difference

I always let patients know the key differences between LendingClub and other popular financing companies. I tell them that both companies offer an interest-free promotional period. With LendingClub, if the loan isn't paid during the promotional period, you pay interest on the remaining balance. However, other companies may tack on interest from the very beginning, despite advertising an interest-free period.

LendingClub works like a traditional loan or mortgage where the financial obligation is part interest and part principal, right from the beginning. There's no loan origination fee like other companies have, so to me, there really is no comparison with the competition. Whenever I explain this, patients always choose to go with LendingClub.

The funds are usually deposited to our practice the very same day. If once in a while the deposit is not available immediately, the LendingClub service team always tracks it down and resolves the issue.


Financing That Boosts Production

Using LendingClub at our practice has led to a definitive production increase, which of course translates into a revenue increase. While we pay a fee to offer LendingClub to our patients, it's worth it because it allows more patients to move forward with treatment while we build up our practice.







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