The Vantage Point: Free Virtual Seminar

Thomas Monahan CDOCS Staff
3 years ago

Join CDOCS VP of Education, Dr. Sameer Puri on July 23rd as he hosts The Vantage Point! This virtual seminar will discuss the clinical, digital and scientific applications of the esthetic zirconia Katana from Kuraray Noritake through three distinctive viewpoints.

Dr. Gerald Chiche will discuss the clinical applications of esthetic zirconia in the mouth, indications, contraindications as well as cementation protocols. He will share a clinical case featuring the material.

Dr. Michael Skramstad will discuss the digital applications of Katana using the CEREC technology. How to design a multi-unit restoration taking into consideration things such as pontic size, span as well as connector dimensions needed for success.

Dr. Nate Lawson will then discuss the scientific basis of Katana and how the material has performed in the laboratory as well as in vivo.  He will compare Katana zirconia to other commercially available zirconias on the market.

The presentations will be followed up with a round table discussion and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.


Click here for the full schedule and to reserve your spot! 

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