Another Way We are Here To Help During These Times

Thomas Monahan Mark Fleming
4 years ago

We will be doing FREE Webinars to help you and your team through these times. The schedule is after this video explaining how is here for YOU!

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Registration links are attached for each meeting along with a brief description.  

  • Monday March 23, 2020
    • Efficient Posterior Crown Design – Learn how to optimize your crown preps for maximum efficiency and productivity
      • Dr. Mike Skramstad – 12:00 Noon PDT
  • Monday March 23, 2020 
    • Digital Implant Workflows – Learn about a complete digital workflow for replacing single teeth with implants
      • Dr. Dan Butterman – 1:00PM PDT
  • Tuesday March 24, 2020
    • Overview of the new SureSmile 7.6 Software. – Learn the nuances of the new SureSmile 7.6 software and how it significantly improves the workflow
      • Dr. Meena Barsoum – 12:00 Noon PDT 
  •   Implant Restorative Design with CEREC – Learn ideal workflows for chairside implant design and fabrication.
    • Dr. Mike Skramstad 2:00PM PDT 
  • Wednesday March 25, 2020
    • Anterior Design with CEREC – Dr. Mike Skramstad will show you tips and tricks for designing your anterior restorations with CEREC
      • Dr. Mike Skramstad – 12:00 Noon PDT 
  • Immediate vs. Delayed Implants – Dr. Doug Smail will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each technique for placing implants
    • Dr. Doug Smail - 1:00PM PDT 
  • Thursday –  March 26, 2020
    • Addressing the Failing Implant – What to do when you realize your implant is failing?  Dr. Farhad Boltchi will address the proper protocol for handing these situations
      • Dr. Farhad Boltchi – 3:00PM PDT 
  • Friday March 27, 2020
    • SICAT 2.0 – Software Update Overview – Learn all the new features of the new SICAT 2.0 software and its indications for use
      • Darin O’Bryan -12:00 Noon PDT 
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