Full Mouth Reconstruction Primescan

Thomas Monahan Mike Skramstad
5 years ago

I am posting this for a couple reasons:

1. This is the first full mouth reconstruction I have done with Primescan.  It was amazing and yes MUCH easier than with Omnicam for comprehensive treatment

2. We have has many questions as to what we are doing in our 4B course we have now available.  THIS IS ESSENTIALLY IT!  How do you execute larger more comprehensive cases with a digital workflow.  If you are interested in this, I encourage you to attend.  I will be answering any questions you may have on this thread... but nothing replaces a workshop on advanced topics like this.  

So some brief background.  This patient had two rounds of ortho and orthagnathic surgery.  She had previous veneers that were destroyed over the years and with ortho (removing brackets, etc...) and she wanted a new, yes BRIGHT smile, and needed her occlusion restored.

I executed this in two visits....yesterday and today.  Exhausting days for sure, but was able to complete it because of proper planning and knowing how to execute it.  I just completed it, so the pictures are immediate post op.  

I will post the pictures below and we can discuss it however much you all would like:


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