Beauty in Simplicity

Thomas Monahan Kristine Aadland
5 years ago

I was organizing some case photos and ran across these pics. 

The first set of veneers were done back in 2007 with the Redcam using Vita Mark II blocks. The new veneers were done in 2016 with the Omnicam using Vita Triluxe blocks and I added staining at the incisal edge to give it the halo effect. I love to to characterize but sometimes there is beauty in the simplicity. 

I did not redo these veneers because they were failing. I redid them because my skills improved and I knew I could do better. This is my charside assistant who I stare at every day and I was so happy she let me redo them. She shows them off to patients all of the time when they are nervous about getting restorations done in the anterior. She is one of my best marketers! 

Going on 13 years of being a CEREC user and I still learn tips daily on how to make my restorations better and increase my skills as a practitioner. I love what we get to do every day!

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