"I hear you do same day crowns.."

Thomas Monahan Steven Hernandez
5 years ago

So we had a patient arrived today as he heard weeded we did the same day crowns. He presented with some severe perio & class III mobility on tooth number 10. Patient stated that he is a teacher, goes back to work tomorrow and couldn't as he was.  The tooth literally waved in the wind as he spoke to me. Yes, he was informed of his perio condition and the need to return for a full, comprehensive exam but he wanted his chief complaint address today. Here's his PA:

Solid as a rock.

We took a bio copy image of the tooth, extracted # 10 and imaged the site. I milled out a CeraSmart A1 and stained the cervical using my Cosmedent kit. I’ve seen a few cases completed by Kristine Aadland and I attempted to follow her lead; I failed. However, the patient was thrilled. winking

The restoration was delivered using Variolink DC and the patient left with an appointment for a full, comprehensive exam. With the neglect I observed in his mouth, I’ll be surprised if he returns.  One can hope.  The point of my rambling is this: we have amazing technology at our fingertips. No way I could work this into an already busy schedule without CEREC. Even after 10 years, this technology still amazes me.




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