Friday Funday

Thomas Monahan Kristine Aadland
6 years ago

I don't normally work on Fridays but will come in for big cases. Today I was coming in to do a hybrid case with the periodontist in my building and as I was getting ready I got a panicked voicemail from a patient that she broke her veneer on her front tooth ("you know the one you were telling me that I would need to fix?"). No one wants to go through the day, let alone the weekend, with a broken tooth so I told her I would meet her in the office.

She did a great job at busting off half of her veneer on #8 and you can see the decay at the margins of #8 and #9. She also had this funny composite on #7 and didn't like the lingual tilt of #10 so she asked if there was anyway we could fix them all today... Sure! I felt like crowns on #8 and #9 were more appropriate given her bite and did more like an aggressive veneer on #7 and #10 because I didn't want her to break those. She wears a night guard but obviously has some grinding habits.

So we got her all fixed up with 4 restorations. I chose to do e.max BL3 HT mainly because it is what I had available in my drawer. I think Vita would have been a great block choice here too, but I do like how the e.max turned out. I used white stain to give the halo effect and small decal marks and then I mixed the I1 and I2 translucent stains for the translucency just to give it a bit more pop. This is a same day seat photo and I can't wait to see what it looks like with the tissue healed all the way.

Everyday I get to use my CEREC I am a little in awe of what we can do in our practices. This case took me 4.5 hours from her being seated to her walking out the door. The new updates with 4.6 have definitely sped up my design process with the new 5-click features. She knew she was going to have to sit for a bit but was ok with that because we were taking care of her last minute and she didn't want to go without teeth.

Now I get to deliver a hybrid conversion and change another smile. Today is a really good Friday!!!


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