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Thomas Monahan Michael Snider
6 years ago

A few years ago I was doing ZERO surgery in my office.  No extractions, no implant placements, nada. 

This community has a way of encouraging and pushing each other to cause some serious growth.   I was encouraged by multiple CDocs to take Gargs Continuum and start doing more surgery in my practice.

Had a great time going through the continuum with my fellow CDoc Gate$.   We went to the DR together and placed a ton of implants.

That encouragement from other CDocs has allowed cases like the one below to become common place in my practice, where 3 years ago I wasn’t even extracting teeth.   I know this is quite boring compared to some of the full mouth rehabs we see, but this is the everyday dentistry that walks into my practice.

This pt presented to my office with a “sore tooth”.

Extraction was completed along with graft of FDBA with PRF.  After healing, the pt returned for CEREC scan and CBCT with Orthophos SL.

“Digital waxup” using the chairside software.

Integration with DICOM data from Orthophos SL.  This process is too easy.

Digitally planning the placement of the implant with the restoration in mind makes restoring these as screw retained a breeze.  It also saves me a lot of stomach lining the day of surgery.

By using the position of the “digital waxup” of #30 I was able to make sure the implant was planned with lingual inclination to allow for ideal position of the screw access hole.


Scan after integration.


The planned placement makes the proposal in the software need almost no tweeking whatsoever.


Again, I know this is just a single unit restoration.   There are way more exciting cases out there on the boards.  But, I want to give a big thanks to this community, the discussion boards, and the online continuum for the incredible resources that they all are.

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