A Fun Case to Encourage Photography

Thomas Monahan Anthony Ponzio
6 years ago

Just finished a fun case that I thought I would share...patient presented as a 27 year old female unhappy with her "dark tooth" after having root canal therapy due to trauma on tooth #8 as a teenager.  She last had it bonded about 10 years ago, and the color has been dark for awhile:

So, we discussed options, and I had her see the endodontist to see if they could do some internal bleaching to give us some help prior to restoring the tooth.  Her natural teeth were in the A-1 range, so any improvement would be helpful...after bleaching, we saw a little improvement:

So, onto the has been mentioned previously, these single central incisors are so much more fun with the ability to mill, texture, and characterize chairside for our patients.  In this case, we went with e.max A-1 MT.  Textured the restoration post-mill, and then glazed and fired...

In reviewing the post-op photos(taking and reviewing these regularly has really made a difference for my self-assessment), it appears I may have gotten a little too aggressive with the white stain on the distal line angle...I also think I could have rounded the disto-incisal line angle a little more. What we see in the photos that I feel really made the case work is the way the texture allows light to properly reflect off the tooth surface and mimic the adjacent central:

Had a really crazy week last week, so just felt the need to post a case that I was overall pretty happy with to send some good vibes into the universe! I encourage anyone on here to really continue to take photos and analyze your work.  It will pay off big time with future cases, not only with your ceramics, but any esthetic work you are taking on.

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