Impossible without CEREC

Thomas Monahan Steven Hernandez
6 years ago

This past Jan, we had a new patient walk into our office.  She was distraught over a broken front tooth.  I met her and saw an existing Cantilever bridge from #6-7 with #7 completely missing. 

She still had possession of the pontic and stated being happy with the shape/contour/esthetics of the previous restoration.  Tooth #7 was placed in the mouth and BIOCOPY images captured.  

Anesthetic.  Preparation of #6 was completed.  Images captured.

Final Design with BIOCOPY images confirmed a precise copy of her previous restoration.

The only alteration of the design was on the palatal surface of #7; occlusion/protrusive contacts with the opposing arch lead to failure (see arrow)

Immediate delivery pic

The pt was so happy that she took time out of her busy day to write this wonderful review.  Again, without CEREC, this final tx option wouldn't have been possible.  To date, she has referred 2 other pts to our practice.  These are the pts that you know will be with you for life.  They will be raving fans and ambassadors for your practice.  

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