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My impressions of the 3.65 Service pack

Thomas Monahan Jeffrey Caso
14 years ago

I just finished my first restoration after installing the 3.65 service pack. It was a full coverage emax restoration on a second molar. I prepped a high lingual margin and the tooth leaned mesially a bit. The type of prep was notorious for an open buccal margin and a slight rock with the previous software version. Not so today! The crown dropped in with the best margins ever and a solid, non rocking fit. The combination of this software upgrade and the blue cam made this restoration very simple. The mesial inclination of the tooth sometimes would lead to a light or open margin mesially due to imaging problems. It is hard to get the margin imaged as well as the distal surface of the anterior tooth. In the past it was difficult to build the contact to good or real data. The blue cam has solved this issue with ease. Finally, being able to use emax in this area is really amazing and something we should really be happy about. I will have no concerns about this restoration long term because of the great fit and the strength of emax. Recent research has been so positive regarding emax that we should all feel totally confident using it in any application. With such positive changes to hardware, software and materials, restorative challenges are overcome so easily. Today's experience was a prime example of what is possible when everything comes together so well. We make it look so easy that many times our patients just don't have any idea about the massive behind the scenes efforts that make this happen routinely. So, the take home message is, install the 3.65 service pack right away and enjoy its many benefits on your next case. Jeff

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