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These Workshops Changed the Way I Look at Teeth

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There were two reasons Dr. Richard Rosenblatt decided to come to the Charlotte CDOCS campus for four days and attend both Ortho workshops back-to-back, he wanted to find out more about SureSmile and to help a newly hired associate learn and grow.

“We created a growth plan for our office this year, and one of the major ways we want to grow is increasing our aligner therapy cases,” Dr. Rosenblatt said. “I thought it would be an easy way for my associate to be productive at such an early stage in her career.” 

Both were quickly impressed by Dr. Shalin Shah, the instructor for all CDOCS Ortho workshops, and his curriculum. All CDOCS workshops allow doctors to go from training to treatment in just a few days.

“When we got back to our practice Monday, we understood which cases to choose for a successful outcome, which cases to avoid and how to talk to patients to help them better understand why this treatment is beneficial,” Dr. Rosenblatt said. 

It didn’t take long for Dr. Rosenblatt to put what he learned into practice. His first patient on the Monday after his workshops didn’t necessarily have any pressing issues but was retiring in a year and wanted to address any concerns before losing her insurance.


“Coming back from the Ortho course, I immediately started looking at the teeth differently,” Dr. Rosenblatt said. “I told her there were some old amalgams and some fracture lines on them that we will likely need to replace. I also asked her if she noticed that her lower front teeth had an angled edge and were much more worn compared to the edges on either side of those two lower front ones.”

The patient agreed to take photos, a scan and an x-ray of her jaw so she could get a free rendering of how clear aligners could help her.

“The conversation was so easy,” Dr. Rosenblatt said. “I have such a better understanding of what I should be looking for and now can share that with my hygiene team so they can start the conversation before I even see the patient.”

Dr. Rosenblatt is confident this patient will move forward with the treatment and believes the SureSmile software will be a game-changer for his practice.

He highly recommends attending both Ortho workshops, Fundamentals of Clear Aligner Therapy and Clear Aligner Therapy in Advanced Cases, back-to-back over four straight days in either Scottsdale or Charlotte.

“If you are thinking of adding aligner therapy to your office or have been "doing aligners" for years, but maybe only a case a month or every other month, these classes are a can't miss,” Dr. Rosenblatt said.

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If someone already has a pretty good history with aligners; how much more information will be added for the level 1 course?   Or would it be better to go straight into level 2?


On 4/7/2021 at 6:36 am, Richard "Ben" Alvarez said...

If someone already has a pretty good history with aligners; how much more information will be added for the level 1 course?   Or would it be better to go straight into level 2?


I have been using aligners since 2003.  I switched to suresmile and just didn't understand the software that well.  That first course just did a great job of helping to discuss with patients "the why" of needing aligners and which cases to do slam dunk.  It also helped me really understand the software much better so I could navigate things with ease.  It was a very good prep for course 2.  Is it mandatory for a long time user of aligners, prob not.  Would I recommend it...yup.   Shalin is terrific and gives great tips all 4 days.  

Ben....Shalin is not just teaching ortho BUT  the software..I think course 1 is invaluable esp taken right with course 2.....


Also all tips and tricks get blended between courses...

Rich,   so smart to bring Michele with you...  It was such a pleasure to be with such a knowledgeable group as well as learning from brand new dentists on recruiting...  (FB???  who would have thought??)

perfect answer what I was looking for. Thank you