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Rediscovering a Passion for Dentistry

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When Dr. Laura Godwin came home from her practice each day, she could tell that something was missing. Something was off. To put it bluntly, she was bored.

I just got stuck doing stuff we were taught in dental school,” Dr. Godwin said.

After years of practicing, becoming complacent can be a common occurrence for many dentists, and one Dr. Godwin needed help escaping.

The solution came in the form of attending a CDOCS workshop and the Dentsply Sirona Clinical Accelerator Program.

It’s amazing how much I learned in one weekend and how much more excited it made me,” Dr. Godwin said. “I just feel more passionate again about what I do.

Watch her story now and see how learning to place implants has helped rejuvenate her excitement for dentistry.

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