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Sameer Puri, DDS   


In 2007, a few of us were sitting at dinner when the CEO of our company at the time, Mr. Imtiaz Manji, came up with an idea for the Magazine. You see, we used to be, focusing on just CEREC education, and the magazine was to be a print version that would be sent out quarterly, highlighting the trends with the CEREC system. Almost 13 years and 50 issues later, it came time to update our beloved magazine, a publication that the entire team put a tireless effort into making a great resource for all.  


While the concept of the magazine is still valid and on point, in this day and age, the realities around us mean that we need to adapt to the new digital world. This sounds funny from a company that is focused on digital education and technology; a digital company that has been printing a magazine for over a decade. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to leave the old ways behind.  


A print magazine just didn’t make sense for the new CDOCS. With an expanded curriculum of ortho, endo, implants, and cone beam, in addition to all the CEREC courses, a print magazine just wasn’t going to deliver our goal of delivering education and information anymore.  


So, with this, we kick off the new CDOCS Digital Magazine. Hardly a magazine, but more of a digital resource for our community. Our goal is to provide the same engaging, informative, and educational content, only in a digital manner. By going digital, we can bring information more rapidly, more targeted to what our audience wants, and be absolutely at the forefront of innovations and technology that our manufacturing partners bring.  


Each launch of a new version of CEREC was timed with the release of the CDOCS magazine; our digital version will be no different. Anytime new product innovations are introduced, we will write about them here. Each time a new procedure is discovered as a more efficient way of doing something, we will share it with you here. Anytime relevant information needs to be shared with our community, we will scribe it here.  


Our goal is to make this digital magazine interactive, informative and, as I mentioned, educational. We want to ensure that when you read these pages, you are energized, informed, and enthusiastic about the content that you have just learned about.  


The faces behind the scenes remain the same; our editor is still the ever-capable Dr. Mark Fleming who will ensure that all the content that's published here meets our rigorous standards.   


In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing new products, techniques, and innovations in the dental world, but also all the new features that we are planning on bringing to this website.    


We started our small, little company way back in the day in 2006. We have evolved into so much more and really the last 10 or so years are when we caught our stride. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the years and are more grateful than ever that you have taken time from your busy lives to join us and participate in our community. We look forward to serving you for the next 15 years and thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your dental lives, whether it be on our two campuses, in our online community, or in interaction with our social media. We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you in the future.