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Firing Katana Zirconia in Speedfire Oven

Presented by Sameer Puri
Published: 04/16/2020

Course Description

These instructions will properly guide a user through the 5.1.1 software workflow and the proper steps using the CEREC system with Primemill and SpeedFire units to process a Katana Zirconia. The Primemill can mill a full contour posterior crown Super Fast – under 5 minutes! Katana is the fastest sintering zirconia block at 18mins when fired in the SpeedFire – whether it is a single unit, or a bridge restoration! At the end, a quick polish is all that is needed since the block is designed with multilayer chromas to mimic natural teeth. This is a very efficient workflow for any practice that wants to deliver a strong and aesthetic restoration in an hour. The combination of Primemill and Katana Zirconia is groundbreaking!

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Sameer Puri