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First Azento Case - it is as advertised......

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First case here - very nice work flow for sure.  Hope they will keep the cost down for it to make sense for us to utilize....have more in the works will continue to post as I know others have more experience.  Any questions welcomed.....

Slick workflow, isn’t it? Nice documentation!

Great case. Can't say enough about the easy workflow and the benefits of the custom healing caps. 

Nice case,

‘did,you have the final crown made also?

Did you plan the implant or did they do,it?




Slick Workflow and Amazing Custom Healing Abutment. 

Very nice!
​Thanks for the nice post!

Nice case Andrew! What do they charge?

I am close to do my first. Did you have intraarch space issues?

@robert - I did order the abutment and it comes with a temp crown but they also send the core file to fabricate the final restoration. They proposed initial plan and I made minor adjustments - you still do have control over the case which is nice

@john - purchased the “starter kit” at DS world so that included 3 cases, was already using this implant so it really cost me $1,000 for each of the first three cases as I see it

@ray - no space issues at all

awesome endo on the first bicuspid, kudos to whoever provided the treatment , bet the endo was much tougher and took twice as long as the time you invested on the implant 

I have my first two cases in production now. Very easy process once you get past any website hiccups. I wish the simplant editing software was more like galaxis but planning process still very smooth.