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Date Title
Please help. Straumann BLX abut scanned, wrong tooth is proposed
By: Carmela LaFalce 8 Replies
Implant crown rotated
By: Amy Cook 6 Replies
cement retained implant-crown fit issue
By: Arian Khorshid 10 Replies
Maryland Bridge...
By: David Jacobson 2 Replies
Help Anterior Temps
By: Steven Goguen 2 Replies
#18 crown in design doesn't match crown in manufacture phase - need help!
By: Ronald Jarvis 6 Replies
Virtual Articulator
By: Susan Prater 4 Replies
minimal thickness difficulties
By: Daniel Minchik 1 Reply
Difficulty with screw retained crown on Straumann SSO 6.5L with dentsply/sirona tibase
By: Richard Smith 4 Replies
Dentist near Sanford,Florida
By: Steven Goguen 1 Reply
Cutting off Implant Abutment off failed Bridge
By: Steven Goguen 4 Replies
Is there a way to mill one single pontic?
By: Jon Cantrell 9 Replies
8 and 9 diastema closure help
By: Lora Gaxiola 9 Replies
How do I make this look tooth like?
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Implant Crown design issues
By: Gurvinderjit Bhullar 4 Replies
Implant crown proposal issues
By: Will Kenner 8 Replies
First attempt at restoring Implants with Cerec!
By: Jacob Long 3 Replies
Should have been a simple biocopy, please take a look
By: Marc Thomas 2 Replies
help with bridge case
By: Sajit Patel 1 Reply
Fissure thickness
By: Adam Marengi 4 Replies
Difficulty Placing Scan Posts
By: Steven Goguen 6 Replies
Cement for Crown to Custom Abutment
By: Steven Goguen 3 Replies
trouble with Maryland Bridge
By: Darlene Hildebrand 1 Reply
HELP Scanpost won't seat fully.
By: Steven Goguen 11 Replies
Prepless Veneer - Peg lateral with existing failed composite veneer
By: Nolan Bodah 3 Replies
5.1 designed emaxCAD crown problem with fit
By: Arian Khorshid 2 Replies
First go at a cosmetic case - disappointment
By: Nolan Bodah 17 Replies
CEREC #19 Crown
By: Ashish Patel 8 Replies
No tibase cataloged for astra EV
By: Butch Millan 7 Replies
single unit implant with Atlantis custom abutment way off
By: Marisa Patt 6 Replies
Inlay - Software not finding contacts, overmill and heavy occlusion
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Help, won't let me alter it
By: Steven Goguen 1 Reply
Tooth #9 Abut & crown don't fit ?
By: Muath Asamarai 2 Replies
Help! Implant crown will not seat!
By: Katie Butterfield 14 Replies
Anterior Implant case help
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Need Help on #9 Implant Crown
By: Anthony Moeller 3 Replies
anterior crown design help
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Designing Implant abutment and cemented crown. Minimum thickness issues and design of abutment.
By: Stan Rasmussen 5 Replies
Please help with case
By: Chad Murdock 4 Replies
open margin on mesial
By: Marie Huguelet 5 Replies
2 unit Bridge cantilever
By: Stan Tang 2 Replies
Can this implant case be restored?
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
Help with design please
By: Michael Doyle 2 Replies
Can I make 2 designs
By: Marisa Patt 2 Replies
#6-#8 implant bridge poor proposal
By: adam dorsett
implant bridge 7-10
By: Matthew Clary 12 Replies
implant restore #9
By: Andrew Nothem 2 Replies
please help with this case
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
Captured Upper, Lower and Bite to return to only the Bite
By: Hank Michael 3 Replies
Scanning implants
By: Anonymous 2 Replies