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Date Title
Bridge occlusion - please help!
By: Kristi Johnson 5 Replies
Overmilling and error message with primemill
By: Jean-Francois Levesque 4 Replies
Can anyone review margins ? Lab having an issue
By: Sean Spurlock 1 Reply
please help with this case
By: Josh Merrell 6 Replies
#19 screw retained implant crowns
By: Kirby Kavanaugh 5 Replies
Blebs/Artifacts on models after 5.1.1 update
By: Jonathan Limberakis 5 Replies
Attn Dr. Dan Butterman
By: Crystal Chopp 3 Replies
Canine Replacement of 10
By: Rodney Meyer
Maryland bridge help
By: Laura Russell 7 Replies
Please help with 46 design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Screw Retained crown probs
By: Jose Osete 8 Replies
Implant poor fitting crowns
By: Michael Putt 7 Replies
Katana crown cracked TWICE!
By: Kristi Johnson 8 Replies
Why didn't this work
By: Jeff Yelle 7 Replies
Katana Bridge #7-10 broke mid-mill, but kept milling...why?
By: Nolan Bodah 6 Replies
Opposing crown proposals
By: Marie Huguelet 3 Replies
Maryland bridge design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
wonky contact help
By: Allison Piper 6 Replies
Attn Dr Flemming in Scottsdale training
By: Crystal Chopp 1 Reply
Trouble with Implant crown #7
By: Kyle Dixon 2 Replies
#16 poor proposal
By: Michael Eickman 4 Replies
unable to mill bridge
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Ok here we go again with the One wing Maryland bridge
By: John Eberz 2 Replies
Undermilling in 5.1.2?
By: Brad Cruse 3 Replies
Seating of Tibase on Osseospeed EV
By: Nicholas Berns 4 Replies
My first Maryland bridge case
By: John Eberz 3 Replies
Help with implant crown
By: Steven Goguen 4 Replies
Maryland Bridge Wing Insertion
By: Mark Fleming
Help on a weird margin case
By: Steven Gray 6 Replies
artifacts during design
By: Amy Cook 10 Replies
Maryland Bridge connector
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
Help with a Biocopy case
By: Thomas Layton 1 Reply
Help #12 keeps showing high occlusion plenty of reduction
By: Adonis Regala 4 Replies
Maryland Bridge help
By: Thomas Layton 4 Replies
bio copy bite 5.1.2
By: Joe Mirci 9 Replies
Help with Telio CAD Cantilever temporary
By: Anthony Moeller 4 Replies
Maryland Bridge #24-26 Feedback
By: Pete Iversen 1 Reply
Open margin after new primescan
By: Aparna Sadineni 9 Replies
Anterior Cantilever Bridge Proposal Struggle
By: Nolan Bodah 4 Replies
Acquisition only unit question
By: Mike Maughan 2 Replies
Cerec course case 9/24
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Weird crown indentation in proposal?
By: Douglas Desatink 1 Reply
Help. Cant see the implant crown.
By: Jeff Waisglass 5 Replies
Sprue, sprue, what'll I do?
By: C. Mark Fort 20 Replies
another connector problem
By: David Jacobson 3 Replies
Implant Case Help
By: Paul Miller 1 Reply
Lower anterior case please evaluate
By: Anonymous 6 Replies
eMax seating difficulties
By: Andy Stein 4 Replies
First attempt at a bridge
By: Anonymous 7 Replies
bite off
By: Selma Yucedal 3 Replies