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Created Title
Implant Crown Design Help
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
Two implant crowns, embrasure challenge, and odd proposal
By: Jonathan Nash 7 Replies
marginal ridge is too thin
By: Rebecca Brann 1 Reply
not sure about the distal lingual?
By: Matt Kime 3 Replies
Implant Crown Design Help
By: Jennifer Wynn 4 Replies
Help with first anterior FPD design
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Peg laterals case
By: Alissa Hanson 11 Replies
Troubles with Maryland bridge
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Cannot grind on extra fine
By: Thomas Layton 7 Replies
Maryland Bridge design issues
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
bridge proposal wont fit the block
By: Sergei Shirman 10 Replies
How can this design be improved
By: Bardia Farahmand 4 Replies
help design #6 emax
By: Aoua Coulibaly 2 Replies
Cantilever Bridge
By: Polly Reese 1 Reply
No proximal contact strength??
By: Michael Saade 6 Replies
Weird inital crown proposal #15
By: Yohan Kim 3 Replies
Update to 5.2 Lost Tool?
By: Chris Miller 2 Replies
tooth #31 implant abutment and crown- limited space
By: Todd Briscoe 13 Replies
primemill milling a hole through anterior crowns
By: Rick Sodergren 2 Replies
pontic is below gingiva will not recalculate
By: Kevin Warner 3 Replies
Wonky proximal proposals from biocopy
By: McKinley Soult 4 Replies
Sub-par implant placement, tricky restorative
By: Nicole Cucchi 3 Replies
Sub-par implant placement, tricky restorative
By: Nicole Cucchi 2 Replies
Maryland bridge, how to sprue?
By: Leah Gagnon 7 Replies
Sub-par implant placement, tricky restorative
By: Nicole Cucchi 1 Reply
Katana and MTL not fitting in blocks
By: Christopher Kumfer 18 Replies
saving morphology proposal
By: Majid (Max) Mosslehi 1 Reply
Temp Maryland Bridge
By: Leah McQuigg 6 Replies
Bridge Design Copy Mirror
By: Rrenee Rathi 3 Replies
Trouble with implant-supported bridge proposal
By: Gary Scott 3 Replies
Design difficulties Marcia R
By: Louis Stylos 2 Replies
Truabutment GH3
By: Samuel Emrich 7 Replies
Design difficulties
By: Louis Stylos 6 Replies
Design difficulties covering TiBase crown interface
By: Louis Stylos 4 Replies
Automatic artifact removal on primescan
By: Matthew Sperber 2 Replies
Cerec Guide 3 problem
By: Todd Blevins 5 Replies
Almost can fit my anterior zirconia bridge in Katana block but not quite.
By: Mark Sutherland 8 Replies
3 unit zirconia bridge design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
wide open contact with proposal
By: Yuvika Raj Kumar 3 Replies
Regarding eMax design phase and lack of clearance
By: Bruce Greenstein 8 Replies
Implant crowns design help. nonfunctional proposal
By: Brett Felton 1 Reply
Open contact on implant crown, scanned twice, same result.
By: Jonathan Nash 23 Replies
Trouble with parameters
By: Bruce Greenstein 1 Reply
Not ideal proposals
By: Chiku Verma 1 Reply
By: Paul Kruth 5 Replies
Cerec MTL bridge milling problem
By: Heather Jones 4 Replies
Design help please, posterior cantilever bridge with wing
By: Ben Peterson
By: Anonymous
I would like to copy and mirror #8 to use as pontic for #9 Maryland bridge
By: Amy See 1 Reply
Anterior Crowns with SEVERE lingual erosion---prep design + workflow tips
By: Rebecca Schneider 3 Replies