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Created Title
First implant case, take 2 (#4 and 5 screw-retained)
By: Kyle Shull 2 Replies
Patient in Chair - Maryland Bridge
By: Joseph Pantaleo 6 Replies
virtual extraction, or is there a workaround?
By: Greg Moses 8 Replies
Help with Opposing Crowns
By: Robyn Call 2 Replies
Issues with bridge proposal
By: Jeff Papworth 2 Replies
Best Way to do Crowns on Opposing Arch at same time
By: Robyn Call 2 Replies
IP Address
By: Zack Paukert 1 Reply
bridge and veneers
By: Noah Ariola-Tirella
Patient in chair .. Bad proposal
By: Debra Carneol 4 Replies
First implant crown design
By: Kyle Shull
Implant design help. Open contacts in mouth
By: Brett Felton
implant design
By: Dakota Mulske 1 Reply
Need help on what to do next for implant crown fabrication
By: William Samson 7 Replies
Need help with Maryland Bridges
By: Lance Collier 4 Replies
Help with MD Bridge sprue position
By: Christina Cowell 2 Replies
Horizontal intaglio retentive grooves for zirconia
By: Dustin Patrick 5 Replies
First Bruxism Crown Case Help
By: Richard Handal 4 Replies
Lower incisors
By: David Hansen 1 Reply
Feedback on first CEREC implant restoration
By: Ron Maple 1 Reply
Guide Too Thin Area
By: Maher Rashid 5 Replies
Maryland Bridge is Falling Down
By: Benjamin Jacobson 10 Replies
Implant design help please
By: Dakota Mulske
Bridge design
By: Lanny Cortez 2 Replies
Implant help!
By: Dakota Mulske
Emax Implant crown milling issue
By: Jacob Cary 5 Replies
Help with fabrication of #8/#9 on three-quarter crown preps for in-house fab
By: Julia Jagannath 1 Reply
Full Rehab Stage I - #5-12 and #21-28 E.max
By: Aaron Johnson 2 Replies
Implant Design Help!
By: Holly Austgen 5 Replies
Trouble with design on a survey crown
By: Paul Kruth 5 Replies
Can't move forward on Cerec Connect Case
By: Jeffrey Erickson 1 Reply
Problems with designing single wing Maryland Bridges replacing 7 and 10
By: David Henderson 1 Reply
Attempting a Maryland Bridge for #7
By: Jared Lee 3 Replies
Crown will not fit abutment Help
By: Ray Kessler 7 Replies
#9 KATANA crown
By: Molly Dwenger 4 Replies
need help with minimal thickness
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Cerasmart onlay broke and patient has NG...how do I copy her old restoration?
By: Chris Lee 11 Replies
Please help! Won't let me get past the buccal occlusion step
By: Eileen Danaher 4 Replies
Need support with Anterior Implant Crown - Gh1, Gh2 or send out for custom abutment
By: Clifton Cameron 3 Replies
Resin bonded bridge design
By: Jessica Vellucci 4 Replies
Tough Design. Axial wall cannot be smoothed.
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
AT EV 3.0 GH1
By: Scott McFarlane 6 Replies
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Help with bridge design
By: Debra Carneol 6 Replies
Biocopy and Mirror
By: Brimhall Dental Group 3 Replies
Help with a biocopy case
By: Naresh Hirani 2 Replies
Keep getting an odd proposed crown
By: Gregory Becker 3 Replies
By: Cara Bodine 5 Replies
Bridge design help
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Implant Crown Design Issue (strange swords)
By: Darren Dickson 7 Replies
help please- implant crown
By: Carol (CJ) Jones 5 Replies