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Date Title
pontic help
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Help with splitting crown
By: Russell Mann 4 Replies
Split implant case nobel biocare active 5.0 x 15 mm
By: Polly Reese 3 Replies
Patient in chair - Crowns 5-12 forgot to splint 6-7 during design
By: Dr. David Mastro 3 Replies
Maryland bridges, connectors?
By: Jared Taylor 2 Replies
open contact with screw retained. help with multi
By: Kirsten Andrews 7 Replies
#9 - Need help - first Implant Case
By: Matthew Calkins 7 Replies
Skinny emergence profile, how do I correct this?
By: Brandon Hall 5 Replies
Maryland bridge w/ biogeneric reference 'veneer' issue
By: Sharon Bleiler 2 Replies
help with design of an implant crown
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
breaking during milling
By: Denise Furber 4 Replies
emax open margins
By: Eric Wood 8 Replies
Implant Design in Premium SW
By: Brian Miles 8 Replies
Cerec crown proposal is always showing thin, (multiple Dr,) why?
By: Chad Carpenter 7 Replies
FIRST TIMER please HELP me 21-22 Maryland bridge- connector issue
By: Brad McCoy 3 Replies
Melting Scanbody- please help!
By: Francis Shin 5 Replies
Interesting #14 proposal, and BioJaw in 4.5 wasn't working too well to correct. Any tips?
By: Trevor Labrum 2 Replies
3-unit bridge, pontic issue
By: Sharon Bleiler 3 Replies
Trouble with screwmentable implant crn
By: Vincent Archer 1 Reply
Anterior case 8, 9
By: Reagan Bonner 7 Replies
crazy proposal plz help
By: Andrew Couch 9 Replies
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Bio Reference Maryland Bridge Proposal Help
By: Ryan Cotten 1 Reply
help with implant crown
By: Jennifer Stevens 3 Replies
Can't fit bridge in block
By: Anonymous 8 Replies
HELP with funky implant two abutment case SOS
By: Beth Skovron 7 Replies
please help design this implant crown occlusion
By: Emil Orza 4 Replies
Help with anterior implant restoration
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
first CEREC veneer case
By: Jose Bartolomei 13 Replies
Zirconia fracturing when in milling stage
By: Sathie Naidoo 8 Replies
By: Jeff Burns 4 Replies
Zirconia fracturing into pieces during sintering.
By: Dr. William Cardman 3 Replies
Ortho scanning troubles
By: Michael Putt
help with abutment design
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
7&8 Design help take 2
By: Allison Piper 2 Replies
Possible scan error or heavy bite?
By: Anonymous 9 Replies
7&8 Design Help
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
implant abutment design question
By: Brian Chan 6 Replies
Help with abutment retained designs, #12, 13, 14
By: Tracy Provenghi 4 Replies
please provide feedback not 100% happy
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Open Margin Help Please
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Help with design on Maryland bridge
By: Sunny Patel 2 Replies
Need help with multiple implant design/proposal
By: Wilson Ackerman 2 Replies
#12 and #13
By: Chad Carpenter 2 Replies
"spike" of tooth structure in proposal
By: Mark LeMonnier 6 Replies
First Implant Design Case - #29 cement retained Emax
By: Zachary Lechner 9 Replies
2 Screw retained Implant Restore-HELP
By: Dr Christoff Lotter 1 Reply
Biohorizon Scan post
By: Peajmun Peajmun 7 Replies
Trying to mill a CG2. Not sure what this error message means or how to fix it.
By: Nick Cost 5 Replies
Proposals are always off on Occl, Dr. struggles getting any Occl contact
By: Amanda Whitford 4 Replies