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Date Title
1st implant crown
By: Kenneth Woodward 6 Replies
Any way to change from Bio individual to Bio Copy without deleting scan?
By: Bryan Iwen 2 Replies
large katana crown #14 barely fit 14Z block
By: Rodney Alejandro 3 Replies
8 and 9 Crowns Diastema Closure
By: Daniel Jankowski 1 Reply
4-6 Bridge with #6 as a cantilever pontic
By: Daniel Jankowski 5 Replies
Implant crown seat issue
By: Shannon Lumsden 4 Replies
margin in model trimmed away
By: Parks Alexander 4 Replies
Tessera Fracturing
By: Sam Zamudio 20 Replies
Can't fit bridge on block
By: Danielle O'Connel 10 Replies
will i have trouble seating this?
By: Matt Kime 2 Replies
2 Implant Crowns-Help with design
By: Melinda Garcia 3 Replies
First Implant crown - #3 Please Help
By: Daniel Jankowski 10 Replies
Implant crown building off the healing abutment
By: Bradley Oliver 9 Replies
Katana 28-30 Bridge design
By: Amy See 11 Replies
Can't split my crown...
By: Muath Asamarai 7 Replies
occlusal compass
By: Jeetinder Tiwana 3 Replies
trouble with crown proposal
By: Chandler Jones 2 Replies
Implant crown building off the healing abutment
By: Bradley Oliver 2 Replies
Need help with poor emergence/mesial concavity
By: Joshua Weintraub 4 Replies
Implant design not suitable for Sirona TiBase?
By: Aaron Johnson 4 Replies
Please help with bridge
By: Dr. Andrew Toyias 1 Reply
44 year old female that wants "a perfect" smile...
By: Dean Jarman 10 Replies
3M Zirconia
By: William Sensenbrenner 3 Replies
temporary Maryland bridge having issues milling on prime mill
By: Thomas Goebel 13 Replies
4 unit Lower anterior Maryland Bridge Help
By: Michael Folan 3 Replies
design issues with biocopy
By: Thomas Goebel 6 Replies
Maryland bridge help
By: Eric Wood 2 Replies
help with anterior custom abutment
By: Paul Fairbanks 3 Replies
Weird proposals #8,9
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
#20 implant crown help with design
By: Michelle Ament 3 Replies
cant mill implant crowns 13/14
By: Kelly Terranova 12 Replies
Printing a CEREC guide from SICAT implant planning
By: NICK ABU JAMRA 4 Replies
Maryland bridge connector not strong enough?
By: Christine Rauterkus 5 Replies
Contacts suddenly too tight
By: Patrick Oconnor 3 Replies
Implant tibase selection / review .rst or view images / looking for a few implant "expert" opinions
By: Steven Gray 5 Replies
Extraoral Scanning using Primescan
By: Kathryn Haire 12 Replies
Bilateral Crowns - Seating Problems
By: Matt Solven 3 Replies
START button won't light up
By: Steven Justesen 2 Replies
help with design #18, very strange proposal
By: Sajit Patel 7 Replies
Intaglio surface of cantilever bridge abutment failed to mill out
By: Kent Archibald 3 Replies
PrimeScan ~SW 5.1.3
By: Marla Wilson 7 Replies
Maryland bridge
By: Christine Rauterkus 2 Replies
margins drawn on wrong teeth
By: Aoua Coulibaly 5 Replies
help designing emax crowns for teeth #7 and 10
By: Aoua Coulibaly 3 Replies
Difficult Implant Angle #9-10
By: Nathan Wong 15 Replies
why penetration warning
By: Rodney Alejandro 5 Replies
Help with #29 Screw retained crown
By: Carol Montee 10 Replies
Maryland Bridge help, continuous error messages
By: Patrick Lawrence 10 Replies
Milling problem
By: Brian Chan 3 Replies
Error code 400108
By: Philip Batson 1 Reply