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Date Title
Design/Actual Discrepancy
By: Adam Marengi 4 Replies
new user to speedfire
By: Darlenn Ayan 2 Replies
scanning implants in Connect
By: Nicholas Laudati 4 Replies
Will this FPD fit in 14ZL?
By: Andrew Wagoner 3 Replies
Evaluate pontic proposal
By: Paul Kruth 7 Replies
Mandibular 2nd Molar e.max fracture
By: Anonymous 10 Replies
implant design case help
By: Paul Fairbanks 2 Replies
Maryland bridge
By: Carrie Ramirez 2 Replies
Proposal leaves opening in the crown??
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Basic Crown Parameters
By: Michael Doyle 11 Replies
Please review case
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
problem with crown being displaced buccally
By: Rubecca Shahid 3 Replies
Abutment/crown help #9
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Maryland Bridge assistance updated
By: Jeff Papworth 1 Reply
Primemill stopped when I had a couple seconds left
By: Sandra Magana 5 Replies
Replacing old bridge 8-10, veneer on #7 - help with proposal
By: Dean Jarman 1 Reply
Implant occlusion
By: Mark Porco 8 Replies
Bleach shades, having trouble finding bleach blocks that looks bleached
By: Roland Markarian 1 Reply
Help with Veneer 6-11 cleanup
By: Pete Iversen 4 Replies
Maryland Bridge assistance
By: Jeff Papworth 2 Replies
Please help this 14 implant emax crown design
By: Kevin Lee 3 Replies
Please help this 12 implant emax crown design
By: Kevin Lee 2 Replies
First Maryland bridge. Please help!
By: Ai Phuong Pham 4 Replies
Maryland Bridge - Canine or Central?
By: David Sorensen 3 Replies
Abutment proposal problems
By: Randy Pearson 5 Replies
Number 9 porcelain abutment issues
By: Don Evans 3 Replies
Previous upload was DXD files. Here are a couple of RST files. interproximal issues
By: Rob McCanon 2 Replies
Imaging concerns, teeth stitching together
By: Rob McCanon 2 Replies
Crown stuck in top of Speedfire
By: Heidi Krider 3 Replies
Proposal problem with at manufacturing stage
By: Gurvinderjit Bhullar 3 Replies
please help with proposal. would like #2 to look like #3
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
Clearance issues
By: Paul Kruth 5 Replies
digital denture workflow
By: Marisa Patt
Bridge help
By: Jason Murray 3 Replies
bridge proposal
By: Sara Cummins 1 Reply
Primescan won't connect to Primemill
By: Elizabeth Hernandez 6 Replies
minimal thickness issues with abutment
By: Tracy LaCanne 5 Replies
MCXL says I can't mill these restorations
By: Kenneth Magid 3 Replies
Trouble with implant bridge design
By: Brock Oukrop 1 Reply
How to restore implant crowns using non-cerec scanbody and connect
By: Salman Khanani 1 Reply
Screw Retained Implant #31 Design
By: Ryan Jay 5 Replies
design trouble #12
By: Muath Asamarai 3 Replies
Weird screw down implant proposal
By: Ross Rubino 8 Replies
Bridge case - incomplete milling several times
By: Clifton Cameron 1 Reply
Looking for guidance on complex case
By: Gabriel Quinones-Betancourt 10 Replies
Full mouth temporaries at increased VDO
By: Jenny Apekian 2 Replies
Crowns too high for a while
By: Bradley Oliver 2 Replies
Post orthodontic case not ready for full mouth smile design
By: Barry Goodspeed 8 Replies
Veneer and no prep veneer design help
By: Benjamin Hellickson 3 Replies
Omnicam scanner not picking up scan
By: Alex Gamber 4 Replies