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Date Title
Anterior Crowns with SEVERE lingual erosion---prep design + workflow tips
By: Rebecca Schneider 3 Replies
Help Designing Opposing Crowns
By: Albert Olivares 3 Replies
Maryland bridge
By: Carrie Ramirez 9 Replies
Measuring tool for 5.2?
By: Anthony Hirschenberger 2 Replies
Blocks Breaking in Mill- Possible Issue in Crown Design
By: Daniel Jankowski 7 Replies
Maryland bridge
By: Carrie Ramirez 3 Replies
Very weird proposal that I cannot correct
By: Gary Scott 2 Replies
Temp Maryland Bridge
By: Leah McQuigg 4 Replies
Help me design better
By: Mark Davis 15 Replies
Help with implant abutment sprue position
By: Stephen Hendricks 6 Replies
Sprue Position
By: Zack Paukert
lots of red
By: Sean Lucas 1 Reply
Deleting a catalog in acquisition
By: Matthew Baron 1 Reply
First inCoris Mill Problem Help ASAP please!
By: Steffen Lassen 5 Replies
Implant Cantilever Help
By: Zack Paukert 2 Replies
Atlantis Abutment / 24 / 25 crowns on the same abutment.
By: Josh Merrell
Help needed with multiple implant crown case
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Anterior Crowns with SEVERE lingual erosion---prep design + workflow tips
By: Rebecca Schneider 1 Reply
What to do how to handle limited space for Implant
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Assistance needed with design
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
1-Wing Maryland Bridge #9-10
By: Bethany Palmstein 4 Replies
I am not able to import EXCOCAD STL in the CEREC Software
By: Minhal Al-Qassab 2 Replies
Inlay #19
By: Yuvika Raj Kumar 5 Replies
help with bridge design
By: Selma Yucedal 3 Replies
Please help with design #3 Biocopy
By: Majid (Max) Mosslehi 2 Replies
Maryland Bridge design (Again)
By: Paul Kruth 6 Replies
No implant crown in proposal
By: Seth Horn 2 Replies
BioCopy Veneer Case #7-10 Funky proposal
By: Brooke Martinez 20 Replies
PIC- unable to seat crown #15
By: Aoua Coulibaly 10 Replies
First cerec bridge please help
By: Mark Anderson 4 Replies
Can't get good design for implant crown
By: steven hatch 1 Reply
#18 Crown For Implant
By: Mark Fleming 1 Reply
Help with # 8 & 9
By: Thomas Layton 13 Replies
Weired Purposal not meeting the minimum thinckness
By: Minhal Al-Qassab 16 Replies
Onlay prep
By: Parizad Seraj 5 Replies
2 anterior bridges- getting strange grooves-won't mill properly
By: Stanley Tang 8 Replies
TruAbutment dxd issues
By: Thomas Pacheco 1 Reply
PIC- weird proposal #14
By: Aoua Coulibaly 3 Replies
Bridges 6-8 and 9-11 and software wants to put a connector between 8 and 9
By: Michael Tyler 2 Replies
implant bridge- thoughts?
By: Jennifer Stevens 22 Replies
Margin thickness issue
By: Nathan Yang 5 Replies
Deep placement of straumann NC implant - Minimal thickness issues
By: Brett Felton 3 Replies
Question about first implant restoration
By: Selma Yucedal 4 Replies
Interproximal Contacts
By: Grant Nelson 3 Replies
Lower Jaw/ Scan Body Scans
By: Cain Pearson 4 Replies
zirconia bridge
By: Darlenn Grace Ayan 1 Reply
funky proposal and no contact
By: Anissa Singratanakul 1 Reply
Emax crown parameter problem
By: Marine Martirosyan 5 Replies
My design just doesn't seem right, wondering if I should rescan
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
Edit model question; pink restoration-wouldn't permit milling
By: Hyo Lim 4 Replies