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Date Title
Scan post interfering with design
By: Steven Farley 1 Reply
By: Jason Kopakin 1 Reply
Buccal bite refuses to register. Patient in chair
By: Greg Moses 6 Replies
microdontia] in teeth 8 and 9
By: Todd Briscoe 1 Reply
maryland bridge
By: Kimberly Goldenbaum 2 Replies
please help with restoring adjacent implant crowns. first challenging split abutment case I've had
By: Clifton Cameron 9 Replies
Messed up Sprue position
By: Jeremy Glick 1 Reply
Strategy to mill five crowns
By: Kelley Fisher 10 Replies
help with Maryland insertion axis
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Adjacent implant crowns using Tru abutment, split abutment design challenges
By: Clifton Cameron 2 Replies
pt in chair wont mill
By: Kelley Fisher 9 Replies
Coppy and mirror, 9 &10. 9 is ok, 10 needs help?
By: Jonathan Nash 4 Replies
Help with design of malpositioned implant #7 with trubase ASC abutment -
By: Clifton Cameron 4 Replies
Implant crown proposal appears to have tibase floating
By: Narpat Jain 2 Replies
cant figure out whats wrong
By: Murad Rashid 2 Replies
Use of biocopy for designing anterior crowns
By: Yuvika Raj Kumar 3 Replies
Trouble Manufacturing Phase incoris meso L abutment
By: Kramer Wagner 5 Replies
My first Maryland bridge
By: Alan Fujimoto 2 Replies
TruAbutment TruScan Body
By: Edwin Mueller 9 Replies
Help with 3-unit bridge design
By: Ramy Labib 10 Replies
help! first implant scan and not enough clearance
By: Kenneth Lewis 5 Replies
Onlay margin gap
By: Sergei Shirman 4 Replies
Are anterior veneers are viable option in this case?
By: John David Wise 1 Reply
crown wont mill-pt in chair
By: Kelley Fisher 5 Replies
Assistance with Maryland Bridge design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Assistance needed with design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Unable to unlock scan in acquisition phase in order to move/copy scan into a different tab
By: Sam Elcik 11 Replies
Most Aesthetic Block for Anterior Bridge
By: Cindy Sumarauw 9 Replies
By: Sara Herzog
Has anyone been able to mill a bridge with the 5.2.3 software
By: Christopher Kumfer 19 Replies
Implant Crown Design Help
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
Two implant crowns, embrasure challenge, and odd proposal
By: Jonathan Nash 7 Replies
marginal ridge is too thin
By: Rebecca Brann 1 Reply
not sure about the distal lingual?
By: Matt Kime 3 Replies
Implant Crown Design Help
By: Jennifer Wynn 4 Replies
Help with first anterior FPD design
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Peg laterals case
By: Alissa Hanson 11 Replies
Troubles with Maryland bridge
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Cannot grind on extra fine
By: Thomas Layton 7 Replies
Maryland Bridge design issues
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
bridge proposal wont fit the block
By: Sergei Shirman 10 Replies
How can this design be improved
By: Bardia Farahmand 4 Replies
help design #6 emax
By: Aoua Coulibaly 2 Replies
Cantilever Bridge
By: Polly Reese 1 Reply
No proximal contact strength??
By: Michael Saade 6 Replies
Weird inital crown proposal #15
By: Yohan Kim 3 Replies
Update to 5.2 Lost Tool?
By: Chris Miller 2 Replies
tooth #31 implant abutment and crown- limited space
By: Todd Briscoe 13 Replies
primemill milling a hole through anterior crowns
By: Rick Sodergren 2 Replies
pontic is below gingiva will not recalculate
By: Kevin Warner 3 Replies