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Undermilling issues 5.1.1
By: Amy Kiesselbach 5 Replies
Tooth Mass discrepancy...veneering 5-12. What type of preps would you do?
By: Tyler Robb 13 Replies
Help menu in 5.0
By: Keith Rudolph 7 Replies
Primescan 5.1 is trash reliability. When's the update coming?
By: Kwan Um 53 Replies
New Abutments vs Older abutments
By: David Honey
What is the best way to section a bridge?
By: Chris Miller 3 Replies
Cannot change sleeve System to Straumann
By: Ian McDonald 4 Replies
Using Speedfire independently of milling crown
By: Brian Toth 13 Replies
What implant is this?
By: Dmitry Merzon 3 Replies
Fissure thickness
By: Kenneth Moore 2 Replies
Azento and Katana
By: Michael Snider 23 Replies
Pc hardware upgrade omnicam
By: Mark Elice 1 Reply
Print Screen
By: Judson Connell 1 Reply
Question for Atlantis Experts
By: Benjamin Nagel 2 Replies
Scan for implant - Astra Tech
By: Richard Brown 16 Replies
Is there a biogeneric variation tool in 5.1 for anterior teeth?
By: C. Mark Fort 2 Replies
Issue with In Lab Software
By: Joseph Faber
fractured cusps 5 years after enamic onlay
By: Jeffrey Collura 7 Replies
By: Orest Bauer 4 Replies
bridge design help-new user
By: Stan Tang 1 Reply
Software 5.1.1 - Just a few minor questions
By: Armin Giessmann 6 Replies
Atlantis Workflow for 5.1 PrimeScan
By: Nassim Missaghian 3 Replies
First Big Anterior Case with CEREC, Suggestions Welcomed
By: Kyle Dixon 8 Replies
Polished Anterior Cerec
By: Yao-Lin Tang 4 Replies
New PrimeScan battery not charging
By: Sevak Abrahamian 12 Replies
smooth tool
By: Eric Bufano 2 Replies
5.1.1 database
By: Mark Stockwell 1 Reply
Need referral for Portland Oregon Dentist
By: Jonathan Dubin 6 Replies
By: Todd Greeson 4 Replies
#5 Immediate Implant/Custom Healing Abutment/ Truabutment Custom Abutment/ EMax crown
By: Robert Lang 7 Replies
Primescan Spru Location
By: Volinder Dhesi 4 Replies
A new surprise and how it was solved
By: Charles Lo Giudice 3 Replies
prime camera ....
By: Todd Greeson 10 Replies
Do these Atlantis proposals look any different to you?
By: Tyson Roe 6 Replies
Cerec Ortho
By: Shiv Pillay 5 Replies
Anyone using this?....
By: Andrew Hall 1 Reply
Primescan of a partially edentulous arch
By: Carmela LaFalce
Thank you Weston! Great first case experience
By: David Sullivan
Tibases supported in Prime
By: Bill Drake 1 Reply
Emax Abutment #13
By: Martin Stoltenberg 3 Replies
The wait is killing me!
By: Chad Stewart 7 Replies
Moving to San Diego
By: Kendall Frazier 7 Replies
Modela MDX-20 3D printer
By: Susan Prater 1 Reply
Clinical Accelerators
By: Sameer Puri 46 Replies
Bleach block BL2 to 1M1
By: Donnie Dean
SO FRUSTRATING - Primescan e.max crowns that rock
By: Rich Crosby 4 Replies