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Date Title
I want to see some action
By: Charles Lo Giudice 10 Replies
scotchBond univeral plus
By: Brad Dorsch 6 Replies
Stl upload to cerec
By: Paolo Bellanti 4 Replies
This is a new one on me
By: Charles Lo Giudice 3 Replies
Totally disappointed in "him whose name shall not be mentioned"
By: Charles Lo Giudice 21 Replies
primescan o ring
By: Bradley Oliver 8 Replies
eMax crown removed in one piece
By: Charles Lo Giudice 19 Replies
Find a CDOCS Doctor - A Request
By: Sameer Puri 1 Reply
Find a CDOCS Doctor?
By: Doug Smail 2 Replies
Using CRNA in office
By: Jared Taylor 4 Replies
This software quirk/bug annoys me
By: Charles Lo Giudice 12 Replies
Patients gripe about the high cost of dental care
By: Charles Lo Giudice 3 Replies
New Find a CDOCS Doctor Map Blog Post
By: Samantha Micatrotto 14 Replies
I have probably been around too long
By: Charles Lo Giudice 7 Replies
Splinting tooth borne crowns
By: Bradley Oliver 1 Reply
New Experience with my Form 3B
By: Charles Lo Giudice 1 Reply
Need A Colleague in Lawrenceburg, Indiana or Aurora, Indiana or the Tri-State area
By: Scott Barrix 2 Replies
DS acquires Datum Dental
By: Ross Enfinger 5 Replies
I am at my wits end with my Formlabs 3B
By: Charles Lo Giudice 9 Replies
Ready for Better CDOCS Benefits?
By: Sean Clark-Weis 2 Replies
Dentist in Jackson, Tennessee
By: Thomas Kauffman
Integration of CEREC inLab and 3D Printing: Maximizing Same-Day Opportunities Blog Post
By: Katherine Clements 1 Reply
battery in primescan says NA?
By: Brad Dorsch 8 Replies
ADE and the new vaccine
By: Brad Dorsch 11 Replies
Restoring A K3Pro Implant
By: Terri Zweber 4 Replies
Dentists - Your Covid-19 Vaccine Questions Answered Blog Post
By: Sean Clark-Weis 1 Reply
Happy New Year
By: Gene Messenger 17 Replies
Putting together puzzles
By: Jake Skowronski 3 Replies
Early Christmas
By: Donald Henson 3 Replies
Another Speedfire misfire
By: Charles Lo Giudice 3 Replies
non-responsive touch screen. UGH
By: Brad Dorsch 7 Replies
Calendar Alert
By: Mark Fleming 1 Reply
primemill materials
By: John DiGrazia 5 Replies
Uploading cases and videos
By: Mark Fleming 3 Replies
CerecConnect with Multiple Docs in One clinic
By: Nassim Missaghian 2 Replies
Bisco Core-Flo and Scanning
By: Nathan Saydyk 1 Reply
scanning an abutment
By: Bradley Oliver 4 Replies
Speedfire did not receive block
By: Bradley Oliver 10 Replies
listing on
By: Brad Dorsch 19 Replies
primescan RIP
By: John DiGrazia 2 Replies
virtual shorten to base
By: Bradley Oliver 2 Replies
Implant crowns made for Straumann BL3.3 fits 4.1 Tibase instead of 3.3
By: Nassim Missaghian 7 Replies
doing my first atlantis case
By: Brad Dorsch 3 Replies
A curveball from Dentsply Sirona
By: Charles Lo Giudice 2 Replies
Two water tanks necessary for Primemill?
By: Cord Schlobohm 2 Replies
By: Jake Skowronski 8 Replies
workflow of #19, 20 implant crowns
By: Bradley Oliver 4 Replies
Bad Biocopy Proposal
By: Nassim Missaghian 4 Replies
By: Brad Dorsch 47 Replies
Nobel TiBase help
By: Nassim Missaghian 2 Replies